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38 Responses to “Terlingua, TX”

  1. Beth

    My biyfr

  2. Frann

    No building codes here and septic is required under 10 acres, I was wrong before. The phone company will hook up a phone with a 1500 watt inverter and 800 amp hrs worth of batteries.

  3. JC

    P.S. Forgot… Water!!! How do you handle it? Do you harvest enough, have it trucked in, or buy jugs of it? Do you take laundry to town? Thanks!

  4. JC

    Hi Frann, how it is going for you out there? I have looked into this for a while (several years) and thought abour buying 20 acres for a vacation spot and then deciding if I want to make a permanent move. However I am 57 and worry about insurance and healthcare. I follow John Well’s blog as well. Any older folks moving out that way?

  5. Frann

    I do not have a cell phone but am told T-Mobile works. The cell phones only work along paved roads where the towers are. I had a land line put in.

  6. William

    Love this site, thanks

  7. Kevin

    I’m in and would like to live off grid in terlingua is there any place to stay cheap till I get on my feet I’ve done labor work all my life I’d work for place to stay any help would be appreciated


    I just sent you a back and that said I clicked and now I am a member of to your crew. That is all I met. So please answer my dumb answers you all are smart and a am sure you can find a better cell carrier the one I have –\Verizon. Please let me know who it the best and cheapest carrier near try ranch and the alpine area and also works in nys/Bergen county nj. I need cheap, I am disabled.
    1097.00 a month plus. Thanks.

  9. frann

    Have fun with your off grid adventure. Just read up on things, research your land and the area. Just come camp a while and don’t rush in.

  10. Hollie

    I have been thinking of going off the grid with my family. Any tips or info on the terlingua area are welcome email Hollie_Baker@yahoo.com thank you!

  11. mary

    I have MANY questions would it be alright to email? If so please email me and i will send back the list of questions. Thanks, Mary

  12. Frann

    Have you been here and looked around the area? I don’t mind people camping for a while.

  13. John

    Hi my name is John im a artist that is planning on moving from Denver to Terlingua this winter. If anyone knows of anyone that I could share some land with till I find some land of my own that would be great. Im originally from Houston but moved to Denver last year and am ready to give up the city life.

  14. Frann Brothers

    I was a machinist in my former life too!

  15. Frann Brothers

    I am still in Terlingua building my house. Doing a little each month as I can afford it. I got more solar and feel like I am in the big city as I actually have a small fridge now. There is lots of cheap land around and if anyone ever comes to the area I am available as tour guide. 432-371-2128

  16. jerry

    Howdy, are you still active? are you trying to build a community? could you use a machinist/blacksmith/inventor who is not afraid of hard work? I have a wife and two daughters and we could all contribute. contact me if you are interested.




    ABSLABS ( at ) Y A H O O ( dot ) C O M

    I am putting something together, and can use another military veteran, with survival skills too.

    I have a 14 & 15 yr old sons, and looking to train them up the right way.

    Sidewinder !

  18. RT

    I’m a single dad with lawful custody of my 13 year old daughter. I’m also a Military Veteran. My skills are marksmanship (Sharpshooter), Medical and Combat wounds, campfire starting, hunting, skinning wild game, and several other things. I’m wanting to get off the grid. I have a 2 year food reserve; portable water purification system that will purify (99%) 6 gallons of water a day from any lake, river, and stream, medical supplies, fire starting equipment, arms and ammunition.
    We do not have the additional funds to purchase and develop land.

  19. Mark

    Hi Frann.

    Wife and I are heading to the Pecos area in the next few months. Are you still active? Last post Feb 2011
    We have seen info on the area your in and would like to ask 1-2 questions. Drop me a note if your around :)

  20. frann

    Nick..my toilet is a cheap remake of the ” Lovable Loo”..google it. Works just fine cost $0.00! I mix hardwood shavings from Johnson Supply in Alpine 1/2 and 1/2 with peat moss..no stink and then it goes into the compost pile for a few years then to the garden..

  21. Nick

    Hey Frann , small world! I like this site its cool.

    hey FYI for acreage under 20 an approved composting toilet,( envirolet, biolet,) costs $1499 bucks and you can go that route or you can use a chemical toilet and dump it at the camp grounds. so no septic is needed if you go that route.

  22. frann

    I know a Dasha Moon any relation? You will drive right by my place..keep in touch..

  23. ElviraMoon

    Frann, we are somewhat neighbors. I’m due north of the Ghost Town on Black Draw. I plan on moving down this fall on to our place. In process of setting up ‘home’ now (El Punto Coyote). Hope to meet you some time.

  24. frann

    Join me in the freedom of being your own power company. If anyone comes to check out the area you are welcome to camp for a while. frannbro@yahoo.com.
    I have 180 solar watts now and 4 batteries but I plan on one more solar cell. I do not use much electric..only computer and LED lights. I will add an evaporation cooler this summer.

  25. Don

    Hi, how is it going? Are you using solar and wind? What is your annual rain fall? Thanks

  26. Hjoyce

    Fran, what do you mean by you want other people to join you? Are you lettin people move into your land & set up homes or what exactly are you wanting people to join you for? Here is my email tobiashelenbenne@yahoo.com

  27. frann

    I bought my land thru Clasic Country land and they will finance and there is also West Texas Ranch Reality who do financing also they have some larger properties. No zoning, no building codes and my taxes for 1 year are about $150.00 for 40 acres.
    The Cowboy mine is busy give them a call. Very few jobs above 10 an hour but there are alot of people my age retiring here and will pay for some help but you will need to work hard and network around town for this type of work.

  28. greg

    ive been looking into land on the terlingua ranch for sale and was just wandering what good info you could tell me about the area,people,etc.

  29. Voltkernok

    This sounds interesting, I’m a 20 year-old male, looking forward to off grid living. I’d really like to start off getting land, and I’m collecting information bout power, water, and sewage.

    Any tips you guys can give me? Or maybe perhaps I can visit one of you and you can give me a tour or so? I’m in S.A Texas.

  30. Old Man

    Who to contact for acreage and pricing

  31. Lawrence Rayburn

    How are the Bentonite mines faring there? Are they still hiring/working people? Used to be mine superintendant of Cowboy Mine there in 99. Generally, what are the employment chances for those who buy land in the area?

  32. frann

    I will move to the desert in August..LOL I once moved to Alaska in December..guess I don’t learn. See everyone at the Starlight!

  33. chile

    I will be moving off-grid to my 20 acres in Terlingua this winter.

  34. TJ

    Thanks so much. I have a bit more research to do on this area. I am looking at a a twenty acre lot. They seem to be priced reasonably.


  35. frann


    The rules are a pdf click at the bottom. I know many people there have composting toilets and you can use your grey water..In my opinion you shouldn’t need a septic.


  36. TJ

    Do you happen to know if a composting toilet is allowed?

  37. frann

    No building codes. You must have an inspected septic under 20 acres though.

  38. TJ

    I have looked at this area several times. Do you have building departs. to contend with?
    Compost toilets? etc.

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