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38 Responses to “Terlingua, TX”

  1. Beth

    My biyfr

  2. Frann

    No building codes here and septic is required under 10 acres, I was wrong before. The phone company will hook up a phone with a 1500 watt inverter and 800 amp hrs worth of batteries.

  3. JC

    P.S. Forgot… Water!!! How do you handle it? Do you harvest enough, have it trucked in, or buy jugs of it? Do you take laundry to town? Thanks!

  4. JC

    Hi Frann, how it is going for you out there? I have looked into this for a while (several years) and thought abour buying 20 acres for a vacation spot and then deciding if I want to make a permanent move. However I am 57 and worry about insurance and healthcare. I follow John Well’s blog as well. Any older folks moving out that way?

  5. Frann

    I do not have a cell phone but am told T-Mobile works. The cell phones only work along paved roads where the towers are. I had a land line put in.

  6. William

    Love this site, thanks

  7. Kevin

    I’m in and would like to live off grid in terlingua is there any place to stay cheap till I get on my feet I’ve done labor work all my life I’d work for place to stay any help would be appreciated


    I just sent you a back and that said I clicked and now I am a member of to your crew. That is all I met. So please answer my dumb answers you all are smart and a am sure you can find a better cell carrier the one I have –\Verizon. Please let me know who it the best and cheapest carrier near try ranch and the alpine area and also works in nys/Bergen county nj. I need cheap, I am disabled.
    1097.00 a month plus. Thanks.


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