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…but he isn’t.  He actually lives in an extremely on the grid ranch in McLennan County. But the crazed quote machine has now declared himself the “Czar of Off-Grid.”

He loves to go hunting (nothing wrong with that) and apparently he is quite a sweet guy when you get to know him. Nugent has trained one-on-one, through the years, with assorted troops, law-enforcement personnel, Navy Seals, U.S. Marshals and more. His eye for the controversial statement appeals to us. Like this one to Fox:

“The corruption, the abuse of power, the cronyism, the backroom dealings. It’s absolutely at an all-time out of control…you know, we’ve got an Environmental Protection Agency? How is that working out? How much environment are they protecting?




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3 Responses to “Ted Nugent declares himself off-grid…”

  1. cowpatty

    Stealthy Vondega, you must have been trained by elite forces also…oh, to be able to live in your own fantasy, must be nice. All the world is a stage and we all have our parts to play. I am a Gelfling – really.


    I remember Ted since the mid-1970’s and he was never then, or now, “off the grid” unless you are talking about his neural circuitry grid. I don’t ever recall any of his “solar powered electric guitars” or his bicycle powered music studio and I would bet just about anything he is NOT stashing all his perishable foods (including that pig he killed) in some near by snow bank or even dragging blocks of ice he cuts from the frozen river to his real “Ice Box” in the root cellar. Ted was always FOS! Now that’s real!

  3. Jimmy Grosteffon

    Met The Nuge at Rainbow Acres around 55 years ago. And he was a little off the grid back then too.
    Always funny / goofy / and glad to have made friends even for one night of roller scateing and music.