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What’s it gonna take to wake you up?
Unless you get off your butts yesterday, you are toast.
In reality, when the social structure breaks down, there will be nobody to insure justice.
Might makes right.
There will be only two kinds of people.
The Perpetrator and the victim, the hunter and the hunted, The master and the slave.
Pretty much everything I have read on line describes these two elements in one fashion or another.
In my opinion, survival will be a crap shoot.
Whatever you do, whatever your resources are, have a plan.
Remember, before you can solve a problem, you have to recognize that there is a problem.
If you don’t see that not preparing is a problem, then so be it. I wish you all the luck.
In my next message, I will run through a few scenarios. If you have any scenarios, please post them. Any plan is better than no plan, although “No plan” could also be considered a plan. LOL
Love ya all till you try to take my stuff!

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One Response to “Talk is Cheep”

  1. Jsonte

    lol i like you..

    Ok, so heres a recent senario that i’ve come across the idea of..
    We have AI’s basically. They’ve created robot muscles, they have a robot who walks like a human, they have created a self learning robot brain.. so we’re closing in on that.. I see a bit of the start of the movie iRobot.. so what will happen when not only our phones continue to listen in on everything we say (as they are), knowing where we will go and what we will have, but now robots will be cops because we dont want our humans getting shot? RoboCop? But the government controls it of course.. because they have unlimited (our) money…