My partner and I apprenticed on a variety of small organic farms all over the country from 2011-2015. We learned permaculture principles, biodynamic growing techniques, some building skills, veggie production, pruning, propagation, herbalism, bee keeping, rotational grazing, food preservation, spinning yarn, weaving, mushroom foraging, organic orchard management, seed saving, animal husbandry for chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, and cows. Our dream is to homestead off the grid. 

This past year we have ventured off from apprenticing and have started working hourly paid jobs on farms. We thought we would save money while still pursuing our passion. The stark reality has been that we are the lowest ranking employees putting our heart and soul into the food we are growing only to go to farmers markets to sell to often rude, wealthy people who don’t appreciate the food. 

We realize we don’t want to have a farm business now or ever. We both find capitalism to be a bit evil and would like to find a way to survive with out it. For us, that means being completely self sufficient. We would like to find a spot of land to grow a huge bounty to feed ourselves and hopefully with the excess feed others in need and those who would truly appreciate it (all for free!). We want to feed people of lower incomes who can only afford to buy processed foods. 

Just to tell a little bit about ourselves, we are friendly and generous but a little introverted. I am 24 years old, my partner is 29. We enjoy each others company very much along with our cat. We are both animal lovers and may enjoy spending more time with animals than humans at times :) We both are on really good terms with our families. We smoke marijuana most evenings, have an occasional drink from time to time. Both have a good sense of humor. We don’t aspire relationships with people who are prejudiced against other humans (people of color or LGBTQ) or people who push their religion/political beliefs unto others. We are spiritual, practice some meditation, yoga and herb magic but not consistently. Our political beliefs are liberal I guess, anti-oligarchy. We really love food and enjoy sharing a meal from time to time. 

As of now we are living our day to day, feeling very thankful and grateful for our health and for each other. But we are still looking for something better. Something real and genuine. We are flexible about location and are willing to move out of state. We understand that we are responsible for ourselves and our wellbeing. We have never lived completely off grid but with our background and skills, think we could make a smooth transition to living off grid. We have and continue to do research on off-grid living, so we know a bit of what to expect. 

Thanks for reading!


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