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I can’t contribute financially but can contribute lots of sweat equity! I am a fit female in my mid-30’s so I have lots of good working years ahead of me. I am looking for a companion I can be a helper to, either as just a friend or in the biblical sense. By in the biblical sense I am of course referring to 1 Corinthians 11:3 “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God” just in case there was some confusion there…

I love cooking, but have a ways to go before I can be called talented…What I do cook turns out very well-I just have an extremely limited reportoire so far..I am good at making bread in an oven, & a dream of mine is to make flatbread over a real fire (I primarily worked with yeasted breads.)

I know this is a bit long, but this is vitally important information I am trying to disseminate-so I really couldn’t make it any shorter. The last paragraph is pretty much just additional resources, but please at least read down to there.

Please be in an area where there is a good chance of surviving the Eddy Minimum (unofficial name given by Stanford research physicist Leif Svalgaard in honor of astronomer John Eddy who named the last 2 Minimums.) If you are unfamiliar with climate cycles, in a nutshell few to no sunspots are directly correllated with periods of erratic weather & lower global temperatures, which of course results in famines. Starving populations lead to mass migrations & revolutions & plagues.

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There is a lot of science behind what is happening, & I would be happy to send you a pdf from an Actuaries Summit in Australia that gets more into causes & effects. “Little Ice Age Big Chill” is an engaging documentary from the History Channel (free on youtube) that covers pretty much every major event from the 14th-19th centuries & how they were caused by the shifting climate (they strongly allude to solar forcing-the scientific term for it-being the cause but couldn’t outright contradict the anthropogenic/human-caused global warming agenda.)

I am not sure if I can include links on here, but these are easy to google:

Ice Age Farmer has a great crop loss map, and null school has an amazing earth globe that can be superimposed with wind & temperature graphics & much more so you can see how strange things have gotten (it is also invaluable for the amateur hurricane tracker.) Ice Age Farmer has a great youtube channel, as does Oppenheimer Ranch, as does Adapt 2030. Suspicious Observers channel can get pretty technical, but he gets into what space weather is doing today. Visuals of the sun, any sunspots/solar flares/coronal holes/CME’s, kp index, etc. Spaceweather is also his website.

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10 Responses to “Sweat Equity…Female looking for partner/companion”

  1. Dale Terry

    I’ve got 50 acres of land in the Appalachia mountains Eastern Kentucky can’t wait to meet you

  2. delylahlove

    We have space for you here in the mountains in Washington. The sun shines bright here! We have a trailer for anyone willing to help. If you can find a free camper around you are more than welcome to haul that in here and live in it. Looking for hard working individuals! We need help sorting through this trash. We also need a plumber, a mechanic any other skills are welcome!

    If interested please email me at dahlia@shhlove.com

  3. Dr Robert Vernon

    I have a large acreage located east of ABQ, New Mexico and half to Santa Rosa, just north of I25. It is large ranch and I own a large parcel in that subdivision. I am interested in leasing the parcel to an experience off grid person or family either short term or long term lease. The property has a cabin, and other structures. A pond, trees and grasses for animal abundant. A community well nearby. Prime for a new off or experience off grider. If interested contact me at my email forever_vn at yahoo dot com for more information. Only serious need contact me for an appointment for viewing. Maps and pictures available.

  4. Robert Dryer

    Are ya still looking ? Here’s my email dearrunner3@yahoo.com

  5. David S

    Sweat Equity..Lets chat on this .Interested

  6. Saul C

    I know not your name, where you live, nor even your soul. I know I have faith and I know I believe if we are meant to connect we will. Hopefully my first comment went through, if not I have attempted this one.Let me tell you about myself… I am 30 year old male contractor that knows how to build. I have books and books of resources for off-grid living. I want to have the chance to grow with you, in my faith, knowledge, and love for everything around me. With hope to hear from you soon, Saul.

  7. B4K3D0FFTH3GR1D

    I am a 30 year old with probably exactly what you are looking for. I was just about to post a forum to find somebody such as yourself. I would like the chance to talk more if you wouldn’t be against that. Excited to hear from you. Thank you for posting.

  8. Dale

    I have 5 acres, fully off grid. Still working with solid income. Willing to share space for a person willing to help me. I live in central Florida, love outdoors, cooking in my solar oven. I am building a shipping container home currently, will be low energy footprint. If interested, let me know.

  9. Jake

    Hi I think I am I like minded individual who has been interested in going off grid for some time. If you can email me so we can discuss further what you are looking for. Jakeandrewlees@gmail.com

    Many thanks Jake

    • Bobbie

      Hi Jake I was reading these and I also have not yet went off but want too. Thanks