[before_listing images= youtube=null] For the last several years I have diligently researched and built small cob huts and forts of sort in the woods. Now I am in the position to purchase via monthly payments sum 5+ acres in SW Missouri area where I aim to build multiple geodesic cob domes. I would like to find one or two other like minded individuals, that think green, resource savvy and that would like to partake in a life changing, self sustaining and reliant way of life. I have drawn up plans and put together the Itemization list for this project. In conclusion I am going to build (3) domes with pitch at 18′ center height base @ 18′ in width. Each dome with be in set from each other of Arial view of a triangle with hall or walk ways connecting them with our aquaponics system in the center of the domes. Two domes will be partially covered into the hill side with a cascading garden coming down from each side, where we will grow organics. If you can paint this in your head you may be a good candidate. This will be a all off grid residential living area, free of violence. If you do not mind getting dirty and at end of day sit back and reflect on our progress, as well as have financial backing and steady income, this may be for you as well. We will have 180 days from beginning to end to complete this project once ground is broken. About me: I am a 33 year old male, laid back, drama free. I have a small LLC Designing and building water features, and work a lot in construction remodeling. Have many skills I will implement and engineer to make our domes, safe, weather proof and self reliant. I have already started to invest in to solar and have 800w ready at all times. This is enough to power and charge power tools as we go.
Serious inquires should not be running from the law, be a felon, violent and willing to discuss or debate civilly of any disagreements or ideas, as we should be free thinkers. Must not be a pedophile, thief or any of that jazz either. Does not matter your race, creed or sex. We are all children of this Earth as one. You must be able to meet half way with investment materials and labor as I will not hold back any information, with only good intentions to share all cost and labor. If you are interested feel free to send me an email.
Thank you. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “SW Missouri: 1-2 people to go off-grid with”

  1. ErRika

    Hello I am looking to move off gird with my 9 month old son. I currently reside in springfield mo and am actively looking for a comunity such as you invisoned. one of peace, love, happieness and of course much better for mother earth. I am a very open minded free thinking individual who can bring knowledge and some experience in health and the human body, gardening and hydroponics, child rearing and mediation to bring people together as a whole in forming solutions to differences in opinion. If anyone has any information they would like to share with me please feel free to email me:) I hope everyone has a beautiful day! Sunshinejune7@gmail.com

  2. NormaJean Nelson

    Primitive80, I sure hope you have had success in your project. It sounds like a dream come true. I would jump at the chance if I was younger. I love to see people have success in their hard working lives. GOD bless and keep.

  3. Jacob

    Have you already bought land?! I have money saved right now and am looking at properties to do things along the same lines of what your going for. I was looking in MO anyway. had my eye on 3.5 acres right next to Mark Twain national park says no neighbors and no restrictions/building codes. well im sure theres building codes and started to invesitgate and the codes do seem to be laxed. seems to be other off griders in the area and some living in “tiny houses” mine will be made or rocks and earth mostly. some logs. anyway would love to chat either way and gain from your experience.\thanks

  4. Michelle


    How is your search going? My husband and I are looking to either start or join a group of like minded individuals to live independently. We are looking to purchase land and develop something along the lines of Red Earth Farms.


    If interested, please contact us.

  5. Bee

    Hello for those INTERESTED in LIVING OFF THE GRID in MISSOURI please email me @ bduke0214@gmail.com .I have many VALUABLE ideas to share!

  6. The Pursuit of Hippyness

    Primitive80, it sounds like you have the 1st few steps figured out. My wife and I were ecstatic that to learn that someone, not too far from us, was thinking the same “free and open-minded” idea as we are. As our resources are minimal, our abilities are plentiful. Send me an email if you would please.

  7. Curtis Klein

    I am interested knowing more about what you are offering. Would you please contact me as soon as possible.

  8. swmoboy

    Hi Primitive80. While casually browsing on the https://www.off-grid.net site I came across your post. I have had an interest in living off grid for a very long time. I’ve read your post and see you have the necessary skills, etc. to accomplish your goals in this matter. Just this year I had a chance to purchase a small parcel of land in north Greene County near Fair Grove. Anticipating difficulties with our county planning and zoning in using alternative building designs and techniques I made the call. The person I talked to was not very agreeable or encouraging and did his best to dissuade me. This was just the county. I didn’t even try to contact any state agencies concerning harvesting rainwater, using gray water systems, human waste composting, etc., etc. I would sincerely appreciate hearing an update on your quest and/or your thoughts/experiences concerning our Greene County Planning and Zoning office. Thanks for your time.

  9. dominique

    Really intrested in talking with you, if you could email me via facebook or gmail it would be awesome :) thanks so much.

  10. Primitive80

    your welcome Kathi, I try to stay on email correspondence best I can and communicate to all. Glad you like my work as it is art to me and life diligence. =)

  11. Sweet Seep

    I will email you shortly. I have your FB page up and am liking what I see. Thanx for the prompt reply :)

  12. Primitive80

    Hello Kathi, I would be more than willing to assist you with your project. First off, do you have a building site and Idea of what you are looking for as a design and structure? Secondly is there any restrictions on your 15 acres, and what is it zoned as and county it is in? Feel free to contact me personally via email cascadelandscapesmo@aol.com email me there I will email you back my phone number. Thank you.

  13. Kathi

    I have 15 acres with live water just outside Springfield, MO and would be interested in hiring you to build a structure on my land.

  14. Primitive80

    Hello Brock, what is on your mind? Feel free to email me personally or message on here.

  15. Brock Veteto

    I am interested in talking to you, email me (bop887alga260@aim.com) thanks.