[before_listing images= youtube=null] I plan on going off grid in Ohio I doubt it will be something I can afford for a few years yet but I would like it to be before I turn 30. With the right people I might be willing to consider a community.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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26 Responses to “Sustainable Living”

  1. devlyin

    i see we live in the same neighborhood, are you still around?

  2. Walter

    I am looking to start my adventure of going off grid. Mainly I want to break the stranglehold AEP currently has on my electric. I noticed this post, even though it’s older I wanted to see how it went for those who responded. Feel free to email me walterbryant35@gmail.com.

  3. kimmie

    my husband and i are looking to go off grid and would love to be part of a community. we both have talents that could be deemed helpful. anyone interested please emaul. we live in ohio. kim.collins13@yahoo.com

  4. cory

    I am looking for people to go off the grid with.I am a master hydroponic builder and grower.I can build anything for anything email me winterfreeze420@yahoo.com

  5. bosaburn

    we rollin from ohio to who knows as early as november3rd. no clue how to do this but would like to meet and connect as many as possible. maybe start a train going west where the ufos fly !!!
    we seek spiritual advancement as we bring in the new earth.

  6. adam

    i live in ohio and need a new start for me and my 11 year old girl

  7. Jenea

    I live in Ohio.
    Im interested in more information on off the grid living. Feel free to email me jeneawilliams08@aol.com

  8. Katie

    I’m in Beavercreek OH, and long for this way of life as well. I know how to keep bees, and would love to learn more about livestock. I love to garden.

  9. Greg B

    I too live in Ohio and want a simpler life. A teacher.

  10. Lisa

    Wanting to live off grid in Ohio. Would appreciate any information on groups or communities here. I have a medical background, a teaching (preschool) background and love to garden.

  11. toca

    Please send any info of off grid living in Ohio. I am looking to move. I am a newbie but a fast learner. Any info at all would be great.

  12. Liz

    I live in Oak Harbor , Ohio and would like to get off the grid as well. I work 6mos out of the year, and dont make alot, trying to find the best for me, any good solutions?

  13. Janice Kizzee

    I live in Ohio also. I would love to be off the grid but age ( 60 ) and some health issues make it that I stay off grid as much as possible in the city. Am hoping to move to small town soon. Best I can do with my income other then the food storage and protection

  14. Keith

    I am in ohio too I am interested as we’ll, I am a good hunter a hard worker, I wish I could visit a place to see daily living. I did it as a teenager with my moms friend for a few years until he passed away, it was hard work always but very refreshing

  15. tracy

    Hello my name is tracy. I so very much want to live off the grid in a community or what not. Preferably in ohio. Would love to start or be apart of an off grid community. Right now my boy friend and i are in the steps to starting a hydroponic system. Please email if any one has intrest in the off the grid community life. tcamp0606@starkstate.net

  16. gr

    I’m ready, too. How do we get things moving? Willing to move.

  17. Jessica

    I live in Ohio now and would love to live off-grid. Please email me: Jl0fb@yahoo.com

  18. Shainem

    Hi, I am also in Ohio and want the same. I would really like to find a community but don’t know that I have many valuable skills t offer other than being a quick learner and an able body.

  19. Off-Grid Wanna B


    My name is Kimberly.Eventually I would like to live totally off-grid and settle down into one location but currently I am interested in traveling around the US.
    I am a single female looking to another female who would like to travel in my rv going around teaching the ways of living off-grid all around the united states starting out in Florida and then branching out. We would get paid for our effort and our lodging would be paid for as well. One requirement would be that you have some money to take care of your immediate needs until money starts coming in for us and preferably a vehicle that we can tow behind the motorhome. I have a plan and it is pretty much all set paperwork wise. All I am looking for now to catapult it into manifestation is another person who can put the time and effort into it with me as I need help and its not a one woman venture.
    Please send serious inquires to Touch-For-Life@Hotmail.Com

  20. dirty

    anyone ever consider somewhere in central texas,sean. dirtyshamrock4@gmail.com

  21. G

    Guess I better leave an email gailagaga@hotmail.com

  22. G

    Hey Ryan,
    I’m in Pittsburgh looking for land.

  23. Ryan

    Samantha, I currently live in NW florida but I have family that live 40 miles south of Pittsburgh with 150 acres of timberland. I’ve talked to them and they’ve said I could have 5 acres for my own use. I left me email if you want to talk.

  24. David Workman

    I am also wanting to go off grid I have found land in the mid southern states ark,missouri,ky,ok,area I can hardley wait to build a cabin would.like to share land with someone with the same interest.

  25. christine

    Hey there, also very interested in off the grid living. I have been speaking with others who are interested in going in together to purchase land and start a community. christines926@gmail.com

  26. Kasey

    Same here. Still stuck in beginners stage