[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi everyone!

I have been working on sustainable designs and living practices for quite a while. I am looking for land and resources of any kind to start implementing these ideas.

My ultimate goals are:

-Mapping out the best and most efficient ways to live on earth while minimizing impact and maximizing quality of life

-Establish an open-source style sustainable living guide that everyone can access for free

-Establish a community for people that want to evolve

The physical community aspect would not have to happen immediately. So if you have land available, you would not have to worry about a bunch of people moving on it! I am more interested in having the opportunity to do this small scale and then potentially move on to the grand scale later down the road.

I am open to the location, but for some reason, the Austin area keeps being brought up. So if I was to be partial to anything, it would be that!

I have at least two other people that are committed to doing this. I am really open to ideas and input of any kind. I just want to portray what I am seeking and I look forward to seeing what others have to offer.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me:

If I don’t answer when you call, please leave a message.

Thanks for your time!
Lettuce make it happen!

-John[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Sustainable Living Project”

  1. Lori

    Forgot to leave my email. Casarezlori@aol.com

  2. Lori

    My husband and I have 10.5 acres in Elgin, TX on the Travis County side that is currently pasture. I have moved a RV to the land and put in a driveway. My next step is developing a sustainable permaculture farm and homestead off the grid. Would be interested in discussing others helping in the plan.

  3. LettuceEvolve

    Sorry for the delay, the email notifications for the comments got sent to my spam folder!

  4. rrp11781

    Sorry about the typos, and also I forgot to leave my email address: rrp11781@gmail.com

  5. rrp11781

    I live in the Austin area and my husband and I aer ready to get off the grid. I have experience with growing fruits and vegetables and I’m buying my first solar panel in the next few weeks. I’ve researched all types of sustainable energy and the different technological advances that can make it happen. If you need any help I’m will and able. I can assist with farming, construction, and livestock. Please contact me if you would like our assistance in your project.

  6. Jacobs

    Hey John, this is exactly what I have been thinking about. My wife and I are ready to live a different life style. We both have full time jobs and work in Boston. We have a house with a dog, cat, and a turtle. But we aren’t happy. This life we are living is too stressful. We have been slowly planning our escape from this madness we live in.
    My plan was to buy some land and try to live off grid. But it’s not that simple. I am able to purchase land, and always have a little in the savings but that’s where it ends. I would like to invest some time and money into all kinds of self sustaining equipment like solar power water pump, composting toilet and things like that. I plan on hunting and growing anything and everything we need to survive. But what do we do about a place to stay? I have the knowledge and have the capabilities to build a cabin or such out of wood stone or even steel framing. I am certified welder and have grown up building and making and fixing things my whole life.
    I want to get something started and move somewhere within the year. We both are ready to move and live a more simpler life. We just need people to help us along. We will live and grow off the land. There’s no rent, in my mind I just want to buy a nice piece of land and who ever wants to come and help is more than welcome.. What do you think??
    My email is jacobsmcneill@yahoo.com

  7. jduncan027

    Hi John,
    I’ve have been doing a ton of research about living off-grid and not only sustainable living, but practical living. I plan on visiting Austin (to look at land for sale) in late March. Currently I’m a paramedic student on the East Coast. I think my biggest hurdle right now is my student/civil servant budget. :P

    Originally I was going to build a house using retired shipping containers, but after extensive research, it is not practical for the Austin climate. Now I’m looking at Slag cement. For electric I’m looking at utilizing a hybrid system (wind/solar), a gray-water recycling system, a composting toilet, and a recycled rain water collection system.
    I have a friend who is an engineer, so I’m going to talk with him about the electric set-up. I plan on emailing some builders this month as well.
    I have been using landsoftexas.com to find land, but the prices are discouraging for the Austin area. If you look at Dripping Springs, you get more land for your money but the prices are the same.
    How much planning have you done? Are you in the home-building business? What made you choose to live off-grid? Where are you currently located?
    ~ jen