Philosophy of Off Off-Grid
We are pleased to welcome writer and thinker Michael Bunker to the pages of www.off-grid.net over the next few weeks.  We are serializing his new book, a work in progress about the theory and practice of off-grid living. (Update 2011 – Buy the book here from Amazon)

There will be a link from this page to each new chapter once it goes live. The first two chapters are now live.

Mr Bunker is a Sovereign Grace Baptist and an Agrarian Separatist.  In common with many other Christians he interprets the scriptures such that they entitle us and obligate us to stewardship of this planet.

He lives with his family on 40 acres in a Christian Agrarian Community in Central Texas founded in 2005. “We do our best to support ourselves from our land, raising pure Longhorn cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, vegetables, and other crops,” he says.  The community now consists of eight Off-Grid households on more than 130 acres.

Doctrinally they are Sovereign Grace Baptists, meaning that they adhere to the oldest and most traditional Protestant Statements of Faith, particularly the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.  They believe and teach the Doctrines of Grace.  Philosophically they are Agrarian Separatists, meaning that they believe it is their duty to engage, teach, and evangelize the world by maintaining a separate, distinct, and Biblical identity from the world.

They believe that the ultimate purpose of man is to show forth God’s glory, and that they are specifically commanded to do so by working the land, by husbanding God’s creation, and by living lives of obedience to God’s commandments.

Mr Bunker serve in his community as the Teaching Elder or Minister.  His audio sermons can be found at www.lazarusunbound.com.

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