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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello my name is Jose Melendez Im a 24 year old veteran with a wife. Sorry for the terrible grammar, my interest is in making a community with people in new england that want to move to the northwest united states. Its time to stop messing around and start planning, sometimes i think most people on here like the idea of going off grid but will never commit, so i say to anyone in my area, or anyone interested please reply to my post.

My plan is to get enough people to go into the wilderness of the rockies in canada or in the US but close to the border, no land to be bought, just go into the wilderness so deep that the possibility of being found is near impossible. Why so deep, becuase none of us have $50,000 for land. Our ancestors would look at us with shame if they could see our society, They themselves ventured off into the unknown and settled so why cant we. Imagine the settlers of this country, they explored and settled the west with far less technology and supply than we will have.

It isnt impossible but it does take people, and cooperation, Im not saying that we will banish ourselves from society permanently, But those are things to discuss with the group to be, so if your not serious and dont have the courage to venture off into the unknown then dont respond to this post, but if you feel the way i feel and are willing to give everything up for a chance at real life, then its time to start planning with me.

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DO you want to be arround when this country fails, do you really want your kids growing up with the values being pumped into them by the hipno box (TV), think about how much tv you yourself watch, and its only getting worse. Living life slaving away trying to hang onto as much of that green paper as you can just so you can retire when your body is already broken is not living. Instead we should live they way of barter, trade and farming.

Whose with me, are there any real people left out there?[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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