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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello my name is Jose Melendez Im a 24 year old veteran with a wife. Sorry for the terrible grammar, my interest is in making a community with people in new england that want to move to the northwest united states. Its time to stop messing around and start planning, sometimes i think most people on here like the idea of going off grid but will never commit, so i say to anyone in my area, or anyone interested please reply to my post.

My plan is to get enough people to go into the wilderness of the rockies in canada or in the US but close to the border, no land to be bought, just go into the wilderness so deep that the possibility of being found is near impossible. Why so deep, becuase none of us have $50,000 for land. Our ancestors would look at us with shame if they could see our society, They themselves ventured off into the unknown and settled so why cant we. Imagine the settlers of this country, they explored and settled the west with far less technology and supply than we will have.

It isnt impossible but it does take people, and cooperation, Im not saying that we will banish ourselves from society permanently, But those are things to discuss with the group to be, so if your not serious and dont have the courage to venture off into the unknown then dont respond to this post, but if you feel the way i feel and are willing to give everything up for a chance at real life, then its time to start planning with me.

DO you want to be arround when this country fails, do you really want your kids growing up with the values being pumped into them by the hipno box (TV), think about how much tv you yourself watch, and its only getting worse. Living life slaving away trying to hang onto as much of that green paper as you can just so you can retire when your body is already broken is not living. Instead we should live they way of barter, trade and farming.

Whose with me, are there any real people left out there?[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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19 Responses to “time to stop messing around”

  1. Cameron Coelho

    Greetings Jose!
    I know I’m posting on a thread that is at least a year and four months old, but if you are still here in CT and want to get out of here just as much as I do, I am aiming for the Los Angeles-ish area. Not the Northwest as you’ve detailed, though I feel we can still benefit from working together and helping each other. If you’re in Avon, I’m a ~30min drive away from you a few towns South of the river. Please add me on Twitter @Camco2242 and we can initially connect that way and go further from there.

    Semper Amare,

  2. vinesh1human

    august this year

  3. Mele

    im feeling the pressure too, im in the process of gathering supplies and people, then ill try it… whats everyone else’s time line looking like?

  4. Tom and Joanne

    I agree, I’ve been wanting to prep for a disaster or government take down but it’s financially impossible unless you have unlimited finances to do this. It won’t be long before something happens, it’s probably already in the planning process but our gov’t. won’t tell us. The less they let us know the better it is for them. Being near a coast or inner/metro city is not a good place…preppers suggest you get 5-10,000 ft. in elevation the higher the better and if possible get at least 20 ft. underground with your supplies. Unfortunately we would actually have to hide from our own people and gov’t. as they do have FEMA camps and they are not there to help us survive….can’t go into detail on here but it’s true. Deep into a national forest is great if it’s high enough and desolute enough not to be found by the military. We’re interested if the location is right. Willing to pitch in, help one another to survive what may come.

  5. Mika

    Hello, I’m a 19 year old male and I’ve been thinking a similar idea since the summer; just heading out to there and surviving. I would love to come with you and help out to the best that I could while getting away from civilization! Shoot me an email at

  6. King Raah Ben Yahweh

    Please. Contact me I’m ready to go off the grid u are rite dooms day is at hand on Amerikkk

  7. steve

    ALRDO53, army vet here, (not penniless, but not rich either) I can imagine how many freeloaders and burnouts want to a free ride or a meal ticket, but where does someone go who only wants to escape from the matrix? I woke up with an epiphany about 3 years ago, after realizing the lie that was the “American Dream” was not making me happy, but miserable instead. I worked 12-15 hours a day in the oil field, and realized that I was giving up so much of my life for a new car that sat in my driveway and a new house that I rarely ever got to enjoy, because I was never at home to sleep in the house or drive the car. I quit the oilfield job, gave up the good pay, sold the new car, and rented the new house. I found that I had more autonomy, and more happiness working for meals on wheels, delivering food to senior citizens, though my pay has been reduced significantly. Can you advise where there are communities already in place?

  8. vinesh

    the sooner the better

  9. vinesh

    hey guys

    i am getting tired of finding new websites everyday to find like minded people, although this one seems a bit promising. i live in india and am willing to do anything to live with people with the same thoughts and when i started to talk about living a new way of life to my family, some of my friends they started to think i was crazy. my mother even suggested that i see a doctor. when did it become crazy to be free, to do anything you want without keeping track of time, or when did it become crazy when a person wants to be happy all the time without money being involved. i have been thinking about this for like a year or two and i have been searching for people for the past five months. everytime i feel let down there is always a new group out there thinking the same which gives me the strength to continue. is it possible for me to come live with you guys if you form a tribe. if anyone is still out there contact me at

    Nature bless you,

  10. Mele

    thanks again for the posts, i know that the northwest is horrible in the winter, but its unfortunately some of the only wilderness left, and I’m not talking about some cheesy state forest the size of CT I’m talking about a state forest 4 times the size of CT lol, our species is growing too fast and i don’t want to be around the day we get too big…

    once I finish establishing my back up plan, ill head out and try it for a while, and if i cant hack it i can always come back… we have to at least try…

  11. ALRDO53

    Greg, Sorry to tell you that your wrong.
    If you build it they might come.. If they do come they will come pennyless and come to mooch off of you. Nobody that has come to our community has done what they said they would do. This has been going on now for a little over three years now. Yes they will come for a free ride and not work to better the community…

  12. Greg Canicio

    Build it and they will come. Or like some have said join a community that already started the same dream. Permaculture is definitely the key to living a better life, or at least a life closer to nature, learn and practice. It also doesn’t apply only to agriculture, it’s a state of mind! We’re also on our way to living off the grid and I totally aggree with the land not being anyone’s to sell but that’s an old story now…we’re creating an artist collective off the grid in the woods but keeping it close to NYC for the familly who want to stay put qhere they are.

  13. RT

    I’m a former Army Veteran with a 13 year old Daughter. We are prepared better than most. I’ve been researching remote living in the wilderness. The winters up there are extremely harsh and the growing seasons are short.
    Lets communicate.

  14. Doug

    AMEN! I have been wanting to do something like this for so long. However, I can’t find one person who has the guts to get off the couch and do it. I live in NC, but have always dreamed of going to the untamed Alaska. Mostly because it is almost impossible to be followed up there, and because I like the idea of snow and cold winters. Anyways , if it would be ok with you I would love to talk to you.

  15. Mele

    thank god some posts, thank you to all who replied and more specifically Micheal Ferrally, do you live close to avon ct im not familiar with the area if so we should meet up some time and talk ideas.

  16. Michael Farrelly

    I’m not messing around either my friend. I agree with you that society and pop culture is a sad joke and so destructive in many ways to both our fellow man and the land we populate. I live in Westfield Mass and I am most assuredly heading northwest this coming summer!!! I am so intensely inspired to head out there and start the community I know is possible. I currently have no exact plans other what I am aiming for is a deep forested area near northwest Montana or further north which is close to a lake large enough to support the common loon. I would love to talk about this further with you and hear your opinions and plans! Permaculture is the way to go as Daniel says. So many great skills and techniques to benefit from within its circles.

  17. Daniel

    Man, i love your passion. I understand you have a dream and serious desire to get out. My honest advise is to join up with a permaculture group who have already built the society you dream of. there are many many around the usa and before you disappear there is much knowledge to be learnt and shared with you family from other familys with hope and care. you have courage so take the first step to connect with the people who have paved the way for you. just research permaculture and first read bill mollisons guide to permaculture to grasp the basic principles. then you are on your way armed with the right information. the positive powerful knowledge so you can keep a bright future. love from shanghai / new zealand. daniel

  18. Gulo

    I live in central Oregon, if you need ideas of places to go where no one will bother you off grid stay away from the coast and east of the cascades. Far less people out here in the high desert. If you need any more help figuring it out, hit me up.