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A New York hipster-blogger tries living on his perfect piece of land in Kauai. Good premise for a film.

With his lovely wife and beautiful three month old daughter. That moves it from a gadget show to something a bit more human. Oh, and please could he have $150,000 for a container full of audio and video equipment and solar panels so a film crew can document his every move and post it on the Web. Sure, why not?

Jackson Nash with his wife Melissa, and baby Stellar are “a new family with a brand new piece of land. We are going to document Stellar’s first year alive as we turn our grassy junkyard into a thriving organic landscape, and we’d like to invite you to share our journey,” says the sales pitch on IndieGogo.

“The person that this project will have the most direct impact on is our three-month old daughter Stellar Joy,” Jackson tells the audience.

As parents, Melissa and I are very concerned about the state of the world, and uncertain about our daughter’s place within it.
So we’ve decided to make a new world. We believe that by putting in gardens, installing water catchment, keeping animals, being good neighbors, and making good media, we can make a world for her that will help her thrive. We believe that every person inspired into action by this show will mean that the future just got that much brighter for Stellar, and for all children.”

By the way, his dad is Graham Nash, from the band Crosby Stills, Nash and Young. For an $11,000 donation, you get an intimate evening with Pa Nash at son Jackson’s Hawaii hidey-hole. Be sure to pin down the date first though.

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  1. sudheerdunga

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  2. dana amma day

    Do you have any pictures or a little home made film about your venture to put up on Positive x

  3. JacksonMelissaStellar

    Hey Nick, shoot us an email when you get this :)



  4. JacksonMelissaStellar

    Thank you very much Dear Nick for helping share our story! It means the world to us. Happy New Year to all Off-Grid readers and contributors. May the new year be full of bright promise. Aloha!