I have lived off grid now for over 12yrs. I have a beautiful lakeside spot that I have shared with many a traveller in exchange for gardening help. I have an older add on this site that has introduced me to many awesome people, and I felt an updated add was called for. If you are looking to get away, try the experience or just meet a like minded individual feel free to send me a message. I may have that opportunity your looking for. Thanks, Dan. 

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2 Responses to “StaveLake”

  1. Angelphoenix

    Hi Dan,
    Please let me know if you still have the space and desire to help people to help themselves in a non-traditional manner. It’s what my kids and I are looking for.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Richard


    We have been wanting to leave society and live in a small off grid community where we can work on a farm or homestead and contribute to the community. We live in the USA and despise the people, society, broken laws and systems! We are good, honest, healthy, happy people who have always done things the “right way” but also always get the short end of the stick when it comes to the legal systems :( Therefore, we desire a different lifestyle. We want to live with the personal and financial freedom to survive in our own manner in nature, not what was laid out for us by society and our parents. We are looking to live off grid, we would love to help garden for you in exchange for room and board. In fact, we will assist with any of your needs on the property and in home.

    We were in a partnership with someone else seeking land to start our own homestead community from ground up. The loan fell through, again due to the false systems of America. So we decided to search online for other people who are offering room and board for assistance with their established off grid homestead, land or community. Helping raise live-stalk, hunting, skinning, fishing, cooking, building and construction, remodeling, teaching the children of our community, assisting in every way we can (we have experience in all that, plus more). We also want to start bees, goats, and chickens to make and sell all natural products such as milk, cheese, soap, candles, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, skin care products, lip balms/gloss, and cleaning products such as dish soap, laundry soap, hand and body soap. We also want to build the community from ground up. We have so much more to offer too!!! :)

    We are the people you are looking for who “are also on their “path for more”, who are recognizing the advantages of preparing and living together self sufficiently close to nature during these tough times no matter if they can live here part time or full time.” We want to live there full time, hopefully forever.

    Now the only financial portion at this time we are worried about is the immediacy of housing to live in. We would like to come join you asap, do you have living quarters available for us at this moment or soon? Is internet available on your property or nearby?

    We do have skype and would love a personal chat online or you can email us at sbaire2187@gmail.com.

    Thank you again