[before_listing images= youtube=null] I have lived off grid for 7yrs. I raised two daughters through school out here, it was fun but now I am empty nested and in need of help. I have already rented out one of my cabins, but I am entertaining the idea of moving in another person to help out with the food/garden. I can provide a fixer upper large trailer for accommodation or a spot to maybe do your own thing. Off grid won’t be easy but it is easier when you have a creek/lake southern exposure and only a 35min drive from town. Let me know what ur ideas are? Thanks, Dan.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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19 Responses to “Stave Lake Sanctuary”

  1. SuzanneMarie87

    Hello, Dan
    My name is Suzanne
    I’m 29years old
    My sister and I are looking to go off grid. We both are farm girls and have our own animals that we use for milk, cheeses, sope and other products. Your place sounds amazing! We have a RV..etc Are you still looking for helpers? Hope to hear back from you soon! Thank you,

  2. Cory

    Hi dan, it seems like you have accomplished a lot in your 7 years of being off the grid, do you have any advice for a person trying to make the change from bs society, to being one with my fellow man and nature.

  3. ark

    looking for partner(s) in off grid timberland, possible fish/hunt lodge ..timber harvest and onsite milling?….not sure how to link up here so U will have to contact me…its all nego. thanks.

  4. Percy McDonald

    Hello, I’m wondering of you can help me? I’m living in AB now but have a few questions for you. Back in the late 70’s and late 80’s there used to be a floating Cabin on the lower Lake. A man by the name of Bob and his wife lived there. He was an old logger who was deaf, and his wife was blind, nice people, they’ve passed on since. Do you know if this cabin still exists? Or if or what ever happened to it. My grandfather Percy James McDonald and and my father has crown grant land on the upper end of the lake, have had it since the late ealry 70’s. Any info would be great thanks. P.S There used to be a prison camp up there, the cabin I know was past that

  5. Dustin

    Hi Dan, hope things are going well for you this summer. I am 30 year old Tradesman with many skills and have been looking for an opportunity to settle down and start being more self sufficient. I currently live on 10 acres on Vancouver Island where I raise chickens, vegetables, and cut/ mill my own fire wood and lumber. I have been working in the trades since I was 16 and have become quite skilled in many different areas including carpentry(old style log joinery as well as modern tecniques), lather(drywall plaster ect), plumber(skills are limited but helpful), and pretty much anything else that may need repair/construction. Anyways, I will be working in Abbotsford and in Chilliwack starting in a couple weeks and probably into October, and I would love to come and you and your set up. I have not known about this site long, but it seems as those a lot of posters are young(?) and maybe not too serious or prepared for this kind of lifestyle, I assure you, that is not me. I take a lot of pride in the things I do, work hard(too hard most of the time), and have all the skills to get things done quickly and efficiently. Well Dan, I hope to hear from you soon, it sounds like you need help. Thanks, Dustin
    Sooke, BC

  6. Michael

    Hey Dan,

    I am on a bicycle tour attempting to visit as many homesteads as I can on they way. I am also working on a photography project. In exchange for letting me camp out for a bit, I would be more than happy to help out with any projects you have going on.

    If I can’t camp, I would still love to just come check out what you have. I will not be in your area for another couple months, but shoot me an email and I can tell you more about what I have going on.


  7. Bob

    Hi Dan, we are a young family about 10 min from you. We are having to go off grid soon. We have chickens, soon a goat and no power etc etc.
    Any chance we could see first hand what you have set up?
    We are taking the plunge on tight budget and any pointers would be appreciated.

  8. LiveFree

    Hi Dan, I was curious if you were still in search or help out there?

  9. tristin allaire

    maybe you could send pictures of the property and the land you offer, tadba@live.ca

  10. tristin allaire

    i am extremely excited to see more lower mainland opportunities for off grid living. i live in mission, very close to where you are. now at this stage in life i am not quite ready to jump into this, but the outdoors and survival are passions of mine. i wish to at some point, move into an entirely isolated eco community or off grid residence of some kind, but travel and expenses are very high in bc, so could you possibly point me towards a good area/group/community for future references. if you know of any. this would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Stave lake fan

    Thank you! This was without a doubt the best off grid spot I have ever had the pleasure to go to. What a wonderful place you have. 5 stars alright :). Keep it up! Sorry I could not be the gardener you were looking for at the moment. I wish you the best in all the endeavour you have in mind. Sincerely, your biggest fan :)

  12. Monarch Michelle Fite

    Hi Dan … can you point my husband and I towards some other opportunities? We are looking to go off the grid and are having a hard time finding land…please help! ANYONE HELP!

  13. Anthony

    Hi Dan,
    I just read your post and was wondering how you are doing. I have approached a period in my life where I need a change. I see you have made this change and I was wondering how its working out for you. It is a scary thing when you wish to go off grid. Even worse though, is to carry on at the mercy of government and big business. Could you take the time to update me on if you found a person for your vacancy and perhaps some of the things you are doing to be self sufficient where you are. 7 years?! wow how rewarding and challenging that must have been. Thank you

  14. Faten

    Dear Dan
    While living wonderfully in the moment, I also find plenty of time to plan for my future “very early retirement” ( exactly 20 years earlier than the standard age of 62).
    So, after years of preparations, research and cruising quietly the World Wide Web in those directions (off grid living), this is my first posting ever!… Therefore, I apologize directly for not knowing better the “how to”!
    Unfortunately, I am not much of a public person nor am I ready just today for the big “plunge” but, I am still absolutely convinced that you and I should exchange emails in private. I am also certain that we would not be waisting each other’s time (we seem very like minded and this is only after just a few lines of reading you)….
    I truly hope that this is just enough to pick your curiosity for you to answer me so I can explain myself better.

  15. Vada

    Hi Steve,

    I am looking to get off the grid. I have quite a bit of money slash resources to get me started…I just need a place to go. I can even bring my own living quarters. I have thoughts about solar panels, gardening and the like. Please e-mail me when you have the time. Love Vada

  16. stavelake

    Hey Starla I’m on the lower east side of Stave Lake, remote? Yes. Hard to find, no. I appreciate your interest but I don’t really have room for whole family. I was more or less looking for a second person to help out and it would not be an easy start for them. More like camping until they got better set up. however there are other opportunities I can point u to but the email link you sent doesn’t seem to work. Dan

  17. starla

    Well I have a family of 4 ..2 boys and Husband. He is a carpenter and Im into gardening. I recently perchased a heirloom seed kit enough seeds for a 100 years as long as they are harvested properly and stored. they are non Gmo and can grow in gold climate. I am looking to get off the grid bc of smart meters and goverment control autrocities ect..I have been looking for someone with understanding and knowledge of what its like to live out in the elements. I am in Surrey, where are you? is it remote to outside world, hard to find? please let me know :) thankyou Starla

  18. Roshad

    Hello!Living off the grid/off-land is something I have been interested in since my childhood and what you are entertaining is very interesting being that I have no knowledge of subject I have questions to ask: 1.what are/are there any expenses needed? 2.How much/how often? 3.Were are you located? These are initial questions many more to ask would appreciate response to questions I’m interested.

  19. UnhookedLiving

    Hi Dan. What are the rules about an American living in Canada?