Located about 50 miles NW of Houston, TX – 800 acres – many lots for sale. No power, no water and have a waiver from the county to allow for composting toilets

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23 Responses to “Starting NEW Off Grid Community”

  1. Barb

    I am interested in finding out more. Are lots still available?

  2. RT

    For those of you who are living on off grid property thinking that you’re safe and living on self-sustainability. You may be safe from the Dregs of society. But, you’re not safe from the System. The County in which you reside will have a record of your property and 911 address listed in their database as a property owner. You need to read the Agenda 21 program and what that plan is. In the long term, Agenda 21 is to remove everyone from suburban and rural areas and herd everyone into metroplex hubs and house people into Pack ‘em and Stack ‘em 500 to 800 square foot units so the System will have total control on people and their movement. When round up time comes, DHS thugs will conduct raids on property owners and people will be loaded up on buses at gun point and taken to the metro hubs.

  3. Angela

    more info please!

  4. bert

    how do i join the community??

  5. Alicia

    Please send info about lot size, cost, other info about the kind of community you are building

  6. harry

    Do you still have lots available? I would like to know more.

  7. brent jenny

    Do you still have lots available? I am ready to start making the move and would like more info. Please email me.

    Thank you

  8. blake

    Living off the grid is an interesting concept. I see many benefits and downfalls (rather inconveniences). Can someone give me a financial breakdown of your costs to start this sort of lifestyle?

  9. John

    Im live on the south side of Houston could you send me some info?

  10. Johnny MAX

    I am thinking that when they say “No Water” you just need to drill a well… No water means “No City, or County Water” I am sure…

  11. Dana

    I am interested in going off grid could you send me more info

  12. New Jura Natural Building

    If you are interested in living off grid then contact me, I am looking for vegetarians and vegans!!, I am located 11 miles n.e. of the town of Hempstead.

  13. David Reed

    I am not sure who posted this but he is not me and I am the only one that lives there in the 800 acres, if you are interested then please contact me by email, I will be glad to talk to you about New Jura and what we have going.

  14. Old Man

    How big are the lots and pricing per acre?

  15. Matthew

    I, too, am interested. Please contact me via email.

  16. chellisa ryon

    can you please send me info on properties =] thanks ~

  17. kc

    How do I get info on the lots. I don’t see any info or website on the brief write up above.

  18. Mimmi Tankred

    Ah my mail is mimmi_tankred@hotmail.com

  19. Mimmi Tankred

    Hej! want to know more about living off grid, am suprised that it seem like you/they live in houses and not tent! (Hope you understand my bad righting english am swedish…)
    So PLEASE send me a mail if you tink you can help!

  20. Susan Parvey

    Hello. I am trying to make contact to extend an invitation to an event my group is hosting in Memphis on Apr. 15th called the Tax Day Monopoly Festival. We are accepting applications for informational/educational booths, and would love to have your participation. each booth will embrace a theme to put out for the public. It will be well promoted. Please let me know if you are interested, or I can answer other questions!
    Susan Parvey

  21. Jimmy Cracked Corn

    Anyone else notice that this place is just a few miles from Hempstead?

  22. Patrick Beart

    I’m at a loss to understand why anyone would choose an “off-grid” location that does not have a (reliable) water source!?! Metaphorically speaking, you can’t go hiking if you start out by shooting yourself in the foot!
    Good luck with that.

  23. Patience

    Hello…I would like to know what procedures you went through to allow the composting toilets…and what about water?

    Very interested, please respond