I am looking for individuals who are interested in erecting their yurts or walls tents on a 16 acre plot of rolling, undeveloped woodland that I have.
The land has been primarly used for camping and recreation. You might be the FIRST pioneer to set up your yurt! The general idea is to create an off grid village with these portable structures as dwellings, and a social community set in a modern Bohemian culture. Artists, musicians, writers, free thinkers, performers and other eccentrics like myself.

Essentially, creative people- starving artists on a low budget who are willing to pool resources to meet needs, and live more simply in order to really focus on your projects, passions and creativity, instead of slaving away daily for some company you detest in order to pay high rent and utilities, and still have little time or money left to pursue what you’d rather be doing! (This is what a lot of us are doing right now!!)

Is this place right for you:
Are you a creative soul?
Don’t mind being in a remote, off grid, woodland location?
Can you handle an “off grid” reality? The ultimate in rustic camping!
Would like to surround yourself with other like-minded people?
Would like to build your own yurt or wall tent for a home?
Willing to help others with gardening, landscaping, micro farming?
Can provide for your own personal expenses- water/power/food and about $30 a month for your share in land costs (taxes and upkeep).


Moving toward a self sustaining community
With the focus of the community being farm and arts, it makes sense to pursue the idea of a farm and arts market on site to possibly create an income from personal gardening efforts and creative endeavors. The opportunities are there, just looking for community members- one person, and one step at a time.

Contact me if you would like more details!
Central Missouri

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