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[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a unique, mixed, multiracial person. I am a former U.S. Marine.I think progresssively and realistically in a chaotic world with many uncertainties. I am half jewish by blood and converted to christianity.My life has changed for the better sinse I started following The lord jesus christ.I have some ideas and some info/business connections pertaining to dome home kits, green energy, etc..What I need is more information from somone who is more adept and most importantly the land with no restrictions. I have found some but certain varriables make me skeptiacal not ready to invest yet.What I am looking for is land in Arizona for green living off grid.I’ll need to rent first while building.I am single looking for my dream wife ofcourse.I live with my two beautiful dogs.My idea is to build my sustainable fortress/home and then find my wife.I am flexable, openminded person but cuopled with that trait is the trait of haveing very strong likes and dislikes.I am fair, and play above board at all times.If your serious and would like to talk and meet for to disguss possible plans for future survival and sustainability please contact me so we can exchange information (Contact).Sincerely, Oliver Ps:I have a Bachelors in psychology and have seen, tried, done different things in life.I am not dull but suffer from burnout at times because of what I call “spinning of wheels syndrom”.I am a persistant person and get results but like I say sometimes it is after a long bout of time of spinning my wheels. I hate red tape and beaurocracy.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “stabbing westward!”

  1. Brenda

    Hello there

    I am a single female Christian looking to find someone honorable to help build a sustainable homestead on my land in Central BC. I have 33 acres with a lot of potental and very few neibours or government officials telling me what I can or can’t do.
    If your interested in heading to a vastly less populated Northern area mail me.

  2. Leo of Vedrica

    Hello Oliver,
    Our community is located in Idaho rather than Arizona but if you are flexible – please visit our site and see if this is something you’d be interested to visit/learn more about.

  3. monique

    to outdoorrenegade: I am a female, also a veteran and a christian and have worked in the mental health field and wish to relocate to a sustainable community?? Contact me???

  4. outdoorrenegade

    Anyone interested in helping my project please feel free to contact!Any constructive feedback or info is appreciated.Green living-green energy communities,organizations,individuals,etc.