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We are a m/f couple in our 40s looking to land share with similar like minded people. We are looking towards jointly cultivating a plot of land to become self sustained in both food, warmth, water and power of which we already have equipment and knowledge. We are currently houseowners but are loooking to live in our converted bus. Our lifestyle choices are akin to the hippie philosophy of community, love, trust and friendship. We enjoy both the community element and can immerse ourselves within that whilst still enjoying the solitary moments living off grid will bring and are looking forward to both. We are very capable mentally and physically with a vast array of knowledge in many fields including engineering. We are basically two normal educated people who wish to fulfill our dreams and passions in a style of our own choosing instead of that of the 9 to 5 world we currently inhabit. I realise this is only a brief summary so if you would like any more information please drop us a line….we dont bite! :-)

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