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We are a m/f couple in our 40s looking to land share with similar like minded people. We are looking towards jointly cultivating a plot of land to become self sustained in both food, warmth, water and power of which we already have equipment and knowledge. We are currently houseowners but are loooking to live in our converted bus. Our lifestyle choices are akin to the hippie philosophy of community, love, trust and friendship. We enjoy both the community element and can immerse ourselves within that whilst still enjoying the solitary moments living off grid will bring and are looking forward to both. We are very capable mentally and physically with a vast array of knowledge in many fields including engineering. We are basically two normal educated people who wish to fulfill our dreams and passions in a style of our own choosing instead of that of the 9 to 5 world we currently inhabit. I realise this is only a brief summary so if you would like any more information please drop us a line….we dont bite! :-)

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11 Responses to “South Yorkshire (UK) M/F couple looking for likeminded people to landshare with a view to getting off grid either local or further afield…..”

  1. Stu

    Hi everyone I am also trying for a permaculture lifestyle I am looking for people to join me in Catalonia Spain I’ve been a few times this year property hunting looking for growing organic all year round and a small holding . I be looking a land with houses and ruins and building some earth ships I am a building with solar panel experience so will be totally eco friendly plus a few cash making ideas for essentials if anyone is interested give me a email liveone1986@ to discuss and poss Skype to see if on same page . Cheers

  2. Ian Barber

    Hi , Just came across your story from last year. Hope you have your dream or getting near to it.
    Would be very interested in joining you in what sounds like a great adventure.

  3. SteveB

    How is your plan going ? Are you still looking for people to share your dream… if so please get in touch.

    I live up the M1 from you.. and it appears we have ideas/age group/finance/education in common at least.


  4. stewart104

    I mu self and my partner are in our mid twenties. We are both also fed up with the world.we are loving in and have been looking into the posotives of a resource based economy. How ever we believe setting up a village or small town with is as modern if not more so that a normal village now will attract more people to the movement. I would be very keen on talking to like minded people. You can contact me through my website thank you

  5. Noah

    Hey you two ,
    I have 20 aces completely off grid semi primative . Making progress slow but sure. So many interesting possibilities off grid !
    Iv lived here 22 years, started out in a tent and now have two houses. one I rent out the other I live in. I’m looking to build seasonal shelters for work exchange and a couple for Air bnb .
    Many other projects as well… outdoor kitchen, smoker, rocket mass heaters, orchards, gardens, etc. Happy to hear from you and answer questions if you have any interest.
    Bellingham washington :)

  6. Khun Karl

    Hello board..i am building 16 $4K hobbit hole earthships in the Machu Pich Cloud forest, Peru..San Pedro Valle Retreat is part of a bigger shamanic permaculture development. In the short term volunteers are required ten pound a day 3 meals a day plus accomodation. after three months your your own place or buy a hobbit hole.

    with some very challenging times for mankind on the horizon there has never been a better time to move into the lungs of the planet ina sustainable community. find us on fb for more details or email organicshamanperu at

  7. Natalia

    I own 150 acres in Belize. It is close to everything, not just a jungle. I have nobody to share it with, and I am looking for people to start a community.

  8. Derek

    Hi I have been working in the renewable energy industry for the last 5 years and have long harboured a desire to live off grid and live a sustainable lifestyle. I am still very much in the system, being a homeowner etc but have reached the point where I feel I need to stop dreaming and start doing!.
    I enjoy the rigours of physical work, having spent the last 25 years behind a desk or the wheel of a car, and see living and working the land as the best way to live sustainably but like lots of people I would probably not make the step on my own.
    I am very interested in exploring the idea further and look forward to hearing from other like minded people.

  9. Graham Hill

    We both currently live on a narrowboat and have done for the last six years, travelling round England and stopping when we want for a couple of weeks. This is a self sufficient life stile that we have become to love and are thinking about the next stage of our adventure. Now we realise have little space is needed we spend a fair bit of time dreaming living on some land away from it all. Were not rich, but not poor having taken early retirement to enjoy our new life. We would be interested to explore possibilities. Please contact us. Graham and Anne

  10. Pax

    Hey guys, did you get our email?

  11. Jordan

    Hi guys! Taking a read through your add is looks like you guys have similar thought to me and my partner! I would love to hear some more info and share thought and opinions. Email me on