[before_listing id=303 images= youtube=null] I have a motel(8units) on 6 acres of land.
I have a well and septic. Plenty of room, over
6 acres, surrounded by crown land.Looking for help . e mail me with off grid in subject line… importland@yahoo.ca[landbuddy_listing id=303 youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Soon to be free”

  1. brad

    Where you from? You realize where this is? You should plan a trip up to check it out…

  2. Dave & Melissa

    What do you need our family is ready to make the move

  3. brad

    I am commenting on my own post again. I cant figure out how to edit. I am still here and still looking for help. I am leaving work this year and will be here full time by Christmas or sooner. I have done a lot of work since my last post. I have some solar, good well for water, septic and working on more lodging. If you can help you can stay for free.

  4. Mike

    Hey Canuck,

    I sincerely hope your still there and hopefully things are going well for you . I am certainly considering your proposal. I could come and see you soon.

    Mike from Québec

  5. Alison

    I would love to come visit and see how life works in the winter months. I’m very interested in this way of life and would love more information.
    All the best

  6. Christopher Halle

    Please contact me with a location I can move to off grid for free, all I need is my tent and I should be good until I build a house and garden, its finding the land you can legally live on thats the hardest for me :(

  7. canuck111

    I am adding a comment to my own post. I bought this property with half down payment and financed the other half. My payments are 400/month. When I ask people to help with the payments as in share the costs ie 10 people=40/month each the interest usually stops there. I am currently working and can not go off grid until my payments are less. I guess if sharing these costs with the community is wrong and you think you should come and live for nothing don’t bother responding to my post…TY the canuck has spoken

  8. benyahuwah

    Sounds good to me!

  9. wyatt

    youd be crazy not to sign roy up

  10. Roy Bruce

    I’m an experience off grid liver. For payments, i could run an aquaponics system or any other horticultural system for the group. I have years of experience from living off grid in Northern California while growing crops (the crops Norcal is famous for…). Let me know if you need a farmer. I’m so ready to go back into the wild.

  11. cody

    Absolutely my girlfriend and I are going off the grid in may.. I just need to know where and if i can work for my payments..

  12. Sis

    I am looking as well as praying as to where I am to go, where are you?

  13. glen moore

    I,m interested need more info ;were are you located?and will it cost anything?is there a job there I chould get? pease email me back we can talk.