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Here’s something to keep you occupied while I’m away doing the grandma thing… (like you have nothing better to do…grin!)


It’s an interesting article about people living off grid.


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4 Responses to “Something To Read”

  1. Wretha

    Thanks Chris, spoiling? My grandbaby? Me? Nah… :)


  2. The Scavenger

    Beautiful baby and I know Grandma thinks so too. Have fun spoiling the baby.


  3. Wretha

    Hey Nancy, I sent you an email, glad to see you back again. :)


  4. NanaBird005

    Het Wretha….Long time no talk…just got caught up with your blog what an interesting and busy time you are having. Congratulations to you becoming a grandma I know just how thrilled you are feeling. What a gorgeous little girl, I’m so jealous. Give me a call before you return to your mountain would love to talk to ya………..I’ll be more diligent reading about you, Bob and your mountain.
    Nancy Bird