Its beautiful, isolated, and overlooks the Med.

I go there to write and meditate and enjoy the place

There is everything you need to live comfortably in harmony with nature.

See my films about the house and area on

Contact to discuss joining me there

Or you can rent it for a few days on airbnb at

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5 Responses to “Someone to look after my mountain retreat”

  1. Gina zapala

    I am willing to go anywhere as long as my dog can come… I’m fed up with city life after going thru nasty divorce just want to live in peace with the earth. I am a hard worker and not afraid to get my hands dirty.. I am honest and have a loving heart for all creatures. Would like suggestions as to where I can find off grid communities. Thank you.

  2. ya_who_ligan54

    Off Grid Living: For a true experience please look up This is a 1000 acre farm that is totally off grid. Eustace Conway owns and operates the Preserve. He will teach you everything useful for living off the grid ( growing own food, hunting and skinning own meat, fishing, building , you name it and he will teach it . Eustace will provide
    off grid housing and food in exchange for working the farm. He is featured in a history documentary called “Mountain Men” ( is currently on Netflix)… He has a Facebook page : Check it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  3. Erika

    Hi. I’m Erika. I have been living off grid for 6 years. I have experience in building and landscaping. I do all of my own work, or with friends and family. I am currently living in my truck as I have been doing some minamalist cross country traveling in the USA. I am 36, and a college graduate of Clinical Psychology. I left my career in Human Services 6 years ago to pursue my dreams of living off grid and traveling. I took the 100 item challenge, and far surpassed the writer of the book on that subject. Everything I need fits into one backpack! This pleases me very much! I love new experiences, and meeting new people! I would love to meet you, and offer my help to you in your off grid home! I literally have nothing tying me down and nothing (aside from one backpack) to lose! I would be delighted with the opportunity. I hope to hear from you!

  4. Bonnie Rose

    Also willing to share since I am 61. Husband (52) does contract work but knows how to do everything, from heavy truck, heavy equipment maintenance to anything that needs fixing or building, electrical plumbing, etc. Also knows how to farm. etc Also have 2 sons in college,, and third son graduated, looking to move to Japan and teach English.. Other two sons, might stay here.

  5. Alexander

    Hi my name is Alex and I am looking to go off grid, have for some time, and am interested, an saw your videos. I don’t have a lot of money, bc I am a college student. I am a Jr. Studying criminal justice and want to go off grid. I’d you are interested in having me message here