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Liz Hurley and husband Arun Nayar
I’d rather wear my wellies

After announcing a few months back that she was quitting acting and settling down, Elizabeth Hurley has certainly been true to her word. She wed businessman Arun Nayar at the start of March, and now plans to settle on an organic farm.

Liz has been gushing about it for a while now, with friends and family encouraged to forego the traditional wedding gifts in favor of animals and trees for the farm. And the choicest gift? A Gloucester Old Spot Pig which would cost one of her guests 189. Better than a few champagne flutes, probably.

Hopefully the piglet will be joined by other guests generous additions – poultry, chickens, cows, lime trees and many more were also on the wedding gift list.

In case she gets homesick, Hurley’s ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant sponsored a London Zoo monkey called Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

But, the farm is still to achieve full organic status something Liz will have to work hard on, though it doesn’t seem like she needs any encouragement:

“It’s the only place I want to be. When we get our organic status we’re going to farm properly and we’re going to have a herd of cows and proper sheep and proper chickens, and we’re going to have Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs,” she said.

I’ve joined the breeders’ club already and I’m quite excited about it. I would like to go for some kind of organic food production and I plan to do it maybe something Indian.

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