After 20 years without electricity, I have off-grid solar electric power system up and running for a year-and- a–half.

Want to add to my solar array, see great prices on PV panels in pallet lots. Need two more panels, approx 300W @ 24V. Would like to buy together with others not too far away(West Vrgfinia USA) to get better price.
Also have eight 1650 A-H 2v lead acid cells new dry-charged never filled but twelve years old to sell or trade, unless you have four more to sell me.

Happy to chat about solar power systems, off grid ultimate frugality, even politics an survival.

John “”

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  1. Lynn Hicks

    I have Sharp 170 watt modules for $545 each and Kyocera 185’s for $499. Check the prices out at

    Innovative Solar
    Charlotte, NC

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