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Source: US Dept of Energy, 2008

This is the year that the cost of electricity from solar power will drop below the cost of grid-generated power.

The long-awaited fall in the cost of solar power is just around the corner. As huge amounts of additional manufacturing capacity come on stream over the next few months, the price of grid-electricity continues to rise.

Prices for solar components are set to drop by next year from about $3.80 per watt to about $1.40 a watt. According to Dean Cooper, an analyst at Ambrian Capital, the global manufacturing capacity for solar modules is set to increase

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    […] This article (via Green Daily) suggests that the price of solar will drop by two-thirds soon. That means the pricing for the solar components needed for my house would fall from $15,200 to $5,600. Even if installation makes up the other $5,000, the new price would be under $11,000 – not too different from my estimated price today, even if all incentives vanish. If any incentives remain, yowsa! […]