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You could make use of your swimming pool (or small lake) for much longer with a solar pool heating system.


Pool solar heaters are just a set of solar panels, or ‘collectors’, through which water pumped out of the swimming pool is circulated before being poured back into the pool.

The collectors are usually installed on a roof, ideally south facing. Extra care should be taken during the installation, because the risks of damaging the roof in the process, or not installing the system properly, are high. This would mean subsequent roof leakages and a lot of trouble! For more info see the US Department of Energy’s page on renewable energy

To give you an idea, the smallest collector kit costs $1,187 from The Alternative Energy store. This is higher than normal swimming pool heating systems, but it will save you money on electricity in the long term.

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  1. stevet99uk

    What a waste of money – the pool itself is a much larger solar collector – JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!!