Solaera Design offers one on one guidance to people looking to start the journey towards sustainable living. Whether it’s building an off-grid home, a mortgage free “tiny house” or beginning a new homestead, Solaera can help!

What we offer:

– Consultation on Design, Layout, Materials, Systems, Permitting, Financing, Insuring and Transitioning to an off-grid or tiny home

– Guidance on retro-fitting an existing home with sustainable off-grid or “small house” design concepts

– Assistance sourcing materials, salvage, systems and specialty items for your home – we can help, or give us a list and we’ll do it for you!

– Interior decorating and incorporation of sustainable and space saving storage solutions for both retrofits and new construction

– Complete site evaluation and development plan for homesteads, including garden design and installation, barns and pasture/field layout, greenhouses, agricultural production plans and root cellar design, etc.

My expertise is based on my experience designing and building an off grid, small home for a family of four from forest to finished homestead. I have 16 years of agricultural, small business and construction management consulting experience helping small businesses and farms stay alive, designing and building off grid homes and sustainable “net zero” buildings and working with many community non-profits and local townships on budgeting and financing restoration and commercial building projects.

If you have an idea and need help moving it forward, please get in touch! Let my years of experience (read: my mistakes!), research, and resources save you time and money!

I’m willing to barter for my services. I’ve bartered for everything from guns to farm animals, tools to trucks, so try me and see…

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