We are putting our land into the Solace Farm Trust and looking for people to join us in creating some kind of a Disorganization that will grow and build things naturally. All the profit, donations, and fund raising will go to finding cheap land ( self replication of the farms!) which will house and feed the volunteers (us). We still need to work out minimum expenses and such but if you want a beer you should grow some hops mentality is what we are looking for. Bankers,Lawyers and profiteers need not apply:) john

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44 Responses to “Solace Farm Trust, Kentucky”

  1. Bryan Joned

    Born and raised in kentucky. Most of my life been a cook. Mother from the hills of morgan county who taught me how to garden and grow about anything. Father from clark county a former army ranger who taught me to hunt and track and basic wilderness survival along with basic skills in roofing, plumbing, building and general knowledge maintenance for a home as my step mother was a realestate agent and we often bought homes moved in and fixed them up. I was a fine arts major in college at EKU but did not graduate and art and cooking are my hand and hand passions. Worked on family farms, mostly tobacco and hay growing up in clark county also lived in a farmhouse for 2 years with no heat except for the wood we provided and worked anything on the land the owner needed to have a roof. Want to get back to that living, happiest time of my life. Dont know if this is still an ongoing idea or place since no replys seem evident but putting it out there anyway. If this is an obsolete site oh well but great idea and if any others who have posted are trying to achieve the same goals im still in. I truly hope the solace farm has become a reality and success and is blessed.

  2. Tim Moore

    Are you still doing this? I am a compiser author and a creative builder. 46-year-old diabetic on disability but I am.willing to contribute to such a cause.
    Please give me an email
    Tim Moore

  3. Gianni

    if this is still happening, my wife and I need a new situation. we bring skills and some equipment, already off grid in the low tech sense. we’ve been working with UNlike minded folks for far too long we are currently wild hart farm dot com

  4. Jessica

    Hi! My name is Jessica, i am 26 years old. I am looking for a community with like-minded individuals. I can cook/can,crochet,laundry by hand,garden,i can milk and feed animals including gathering chicken eggs. I love to be outdoors and working with my hands. I have outstanding work ethic and i am always up at 5 a.m. I enjoy working with other people and helping create. I am a doer not a dreamer. My life goal is to create and help create. I have experience with living off-grid and being self sufficient, i long for that once more. Thank you and god bless!

  5. Fen

    I want to leave society I want to drop all of my financial issues and just have shelter food and warmth along the hillside catching hunting and growing my meals.

  6. Empathy

    I am a mixed race woman in an interracial marriage. I am looking for others who are into this idea. I would like to learn more on how I can help in KY.

  7. Cam

    Mr Elliott, please email me at Danesft@gmail.com.

  8. Cecil Elliott

    I’m disabled but can still garden and help with animals grew up on farm so I know a lot of the in and outs of the daily life living off the gride. My wife passed away Dec 20 2014 I do not have enough money to live very well on ssi I have a lot of knowledge but bad back I am sure I can pull my wait. I’m a old country boy knows his way around the out doors I “be living it a tent soon this could be my blessing please consider me

  9. Isabel

    We live in Kentucky and looking to establish my family off the grid. Can you send me more info on this community. I am very resourceful in natural care and basic building/construction/vegetable gardening. Thank you.

  10. Jim

    very interested. I would like to leave the world of stressful finance and join the world of peaceful work and self satisfaction with all the very difficult daily tasks of staying alive. Am skilled with building, mechanics, electrical work, plumbing, farming, cooking, first aid, typing/book keeping, writing, and love making.

  11. Raven Eidfir

    my sons and i are looking to remain in kentucky but want to go with off grid living, grow our own food. I am partially disabled, (on SSI) but they are fine strapping boys and will work to help with whatever. Willing to go with barter, very used to ‘back to basics’ living.

  12. K byrd smith

    Interested…email kbyrd0176@hotmail.com. grew learn living with the land lots to offer.

  13. matt

    I’m very interested, email me at ukcatmatt@gmail.com ill do anything I can help with, thanks

  14. mitchell VanHoose

    I am Very interested! I also live in the eastern kentucky area so let me know what i could do to help!

  15. Crystal

    This is a good idea. Still looking?

  16. Wayne Firestone

    It does not appear that anyone is moderating this comment board. No one has any replies. Perhaps the people interested on this comment board can contact each other and start a community? bigbadwolf@hargray.com

  17. Danielle

    Lots of comments, no replies… I’m a single woman, 49, kids are grown. Fanantic about living in an intentional community, off grid, whatever you want to call it. I need a “tribe” and a “soul mate” :) My career was in architecture and am fasinated with cob construction, rocket heaters, compost toliets, etc. Growing food that’s healthy, organic and delicious! I can sew, can food, design, problem solve, etc. I feel in order to be truely happy and healthy we need nurturing and support from a community. I also do energy healing. Live in central KY (home), have lived in FL and really don’t mind where I live as long as I’m relaxed and stress free! Currently working in a life sucking job that leaves me exhausted and dreaming… anyone want to save me? Can the author please reply to these comments?

  18. Peebs

    Can you tell me more about your community? My husband and I are strongly considering this kind of life as the future doesn’t look promising. We have many skills to offer.

  19. Dawn Mole'

    am looking to go off the grid. I will learn anything to help build. have a little experience in using a hammer and some plumbing.

  20. Drew

    I would love to join such a community. I like the idea of a community that sustains itself locally and it has been my dream to help build or to join an off-grid community. I live in south central kentucky and would love to move. Can I please get some more information?

  21. Aliyah

    I am interested. I have been looking for thosewho want to build a small community together. Working together to make products for sale and to live off. I am 26 year old female and my husband is 25. WE have a daughter is 4 years old. it would be great if we can put our heads and money together and see what we can find. The world is my home any location is fine.

  22. Wayne

    I am very very interested in joining a high quality community. I have been looking in the Kentuky area. I bring to the table 35 years of hands on construction experience. Have alot to offer in many many different area’s farming, construction, forestry, heavy equipment, ect, ect. Please contact us ASAP with more information. Thank You! bigbadwolf@hargray.com

  23. sjchandyman

    interested please send info to sjchandyman@aol.com
    have truck tools knowledge some money

  24. Tanya Young

    I hate to as this question,Do it matter what race you are?if not I would like more information.

  25. Andrea

    Are you still looking for members?



  27. George Andrews jr.

    I am extremely interested in this. Had a dream last night to “check out Kentucky” :) … I am a Ph.D. Physicist and know much about energy production.

  28. Devin

    I would like more information about it also. We are a small family.

  29. Gabe

    I would like to know more about this also

  30. Jenton Tucker

    I am in the medical field. I also practice acupuncture and I’m a Homeopathic Physician. I know that building a house from stone is basically free (the stone) and I am looking for going off grid soon. If you are farming your land and have a stony field, that would be an abundance of free material for building. I can show you how to use this free stone from your site to build home/s if you’d like? I too live in Eastern Kentucky and own land all over the U.S. I invite anyone who wants, to contact me for free properties that I own, who may want to farm the land.

  31. joe kumley

    hello we are a retire couple that is looking for a place we can call home and not destroil the earth we enjoy planting a garden each year Im into bees and the wife into her chickens we raise them from the egg trying to prduce a super chicken in food an eggs output as for living we do have a moblehome and vear interested in running a genorate off wood or the use of magnets themself so if you have a place to share with us be nice to hear back from you asap about this matter we do stay to ourselfs other than going once a month to buy food thank you for reading and hope to hear back from your end of the email system sincerley joe @ dawn

  32. dennis mcqueen

    i would love to live off the grid me and my wife have been talking about it for quite a while im not sure how this thing works but im a truck driver and my wifes a nurse ready to sell everything but some tools and my rv and take my 5 kids and get away from the goverment we currently live in greensburg in and we have also been wanting to build our new cob house for along time im a handyman and know how to build feel free to contact us at denniswmcqueen@gmail.com

  33. Stephen Seaver

    I live in ky no job and future looks dim, pocess basic survial skills and would love off the grid living. I am a proud patriot looking for a community to join will work my share for shelter and food. If you could let me know what you are looking for I would be intrested in testing my skills and advancing your agenda. Thank you

  34. computerdave

    I may be 54, but I can help with my skills of computer build, repair, solar panel building, wind and water turbines, monotube boilers, etc.
    I enjoy learning to master more! Bio-Fuel, Solar anything! looking for a community that would welcome me in.

  35. Kyle Jones

    my name is kyle jones and i have alot to offer from advanced farming skills and a culinary degree im a hard worker and have basic construction knowledge.
    Reach me at kylejones15@yahoo.com

  36. kiwi

    I’m interested!

  37. Donnie

    I would like to talk to you about your farm and living off the grid. I am an Electronics Engineer nearing my retirement years. My plan is to move onto a small farm and create an off grid lifestyle for my wife and I.

    My family has been in the Madison, Jackson and Estill County area for over 200 years. You probably know some of my distant relatives or are one if you are from the area. (My Dad is a Rose from Red Lick, my Mom is a Patrick from Sand Gap)

    I get down that way every couple of months. I stay at a cousin’s in Kingston (just south of Richmond).

  38. Tina

    Hello, I am a michigander and looking for more info on what your needing from WE the people..

  39. Kriket

    My small family in interested too. Please contact me if you have more info! I am a chef, and gardener. I am very handy off grid :)

  40. Evade

    I am interested in this .. at least learning more of what you are doing. I have been searching for the perfect land and setting aside what is needed to build my own location … I have researched almost everything to my satisfaction to start. Would love to share information since you are close to where I am looking

  41. ManimaL

    I would be interested in learning more about your community and ideas. Thanks!

  42. Michele Berry

    My husband and I are thinking this is the direction our lives need to go. Could you please give us more information about your community and how we could get involved? Thank you TheBerries4earth

  43. Sean

    Hey could you give me some more info on exactly what you are wanting/trying to do? A buddy of mine and I are trying to find some cheap land for growing beer brewing ingredients. Thanks

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