We are putting our land into the Solace Farm Trust and looking for people to join us in creating some kind of a Disorganization that will grow and build things naturally. All the profit, donations, and fund raising will go to finding cheap land ( self replication of the farms!) which will house and feed the volunteers (us). We still need to work out minimum expenses and such but if you want a beer you should grow some hops mentality is what we are looking for. Bankers,Lawyers and profiteers need not apply:) john

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42 Responses to “Solace Farm Trust, Kentucky”

  1. Gianni

    if this is still happening, my wife and I need a new situation. we bring skills and some equipment, already off grid in the low tech sense. we’ve been working with UNlike minded folks for far too long we are currently wild hart farm dot com

  2. Jessica

    Hi! My name is Jessica, i am 26 years old. I am looking for a community with like-minded individuals. I can cook/can,crochet,laundry by hand,garden,i can milk and feed animals including gathering chicken eggs. I love to be outdoors and working with my hands. I have outstanding work ethic and i am always up at 5 a.m. I enjoy working with other people and helping create. I am a doer not a dreamer. My life goal is to create and help create. I have experience with living off-grid and being self sufficient, i long for that once more. Thank you and god bless!

  3. Fen

    I want to leave society I want to drop all of my financial issues and just have shelter food and warmth along the hillside catching hunting and growing my meals.

  4. Empathy

    I am a mixed race woman in an interracial marriage. I am looking for others who are into this idea. I would like to learn more on how I can help in KY.

  5. Cam

    Mr Elliott, please email me at Danesft@gmail.com.

  6. Cecil Elliott

    I’m disabled but can still garden and help with animals grew up on farm so I know a lot of the in and outs of the daily life living off the gride. My wife passed away Dec 20 2014 I do not have enough money to live very well on ssi I have a lot of knowledge but bad back I am sure I can pull my wait. I’m a old country boy knows his way around the out doors I “be living it a tent soon this could be my blessing please consider me

  7. Isabel

    We live in Kentucky and looking to establish my family off the grid. Can you send me more info on this community. I am very resourceful in natural care and basic building/construction/vegetable gardening. Thank you.

  8. Jim

    very interested. I would like to leave the world of stressful finance and join the world of peaceful work and self satisfaction with all the very difficult daily tasks of staying alive. Am skilled with building, mechanics, electrical work, plumbing, farming, cooking, first aid, typing/book keeping, writing, and love making.

  9. Raven Eidfir

    my sons and i are looking to remain in kentucky but want to go with off grid living, grow our own food. I am partially disabled, (on SSI) but they are fine strapping boys and will work to help with whatever. Willing to go with barter, very used to ‘back to basics’ living.

  10. K byrd smith

    Interested…email kbyrd0176@hotmail.com. grew learn living with the land lots to offer.

  11. matt

    I’m very interested, email me at ukcatmatt@gmail.com ill do anything I can help with, thanks

  12. mitchell VanHoose

    I am Very interested! I also live in the eastern kentucky area so let me know what i could do to help!


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