My name is Sue, I have 75 acres and would love to have people join me that want a off grid life. The costs would be very small, and leases provided, houses must be on wheels, and off grid as there will be no sewer or running water. Water catchment and composting toilets are a must. There is lots of wind for generating electricity and lots of room for gardening and raising animals.

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10 Responses to “Small house community starting”

  1. Aantazy

    Still looking ? Karen
    Please write me

  2. craig.koehn

  3. sassysue

    Hi Anita, thanks for your response, I am not going to sell of any part of the land, but if things were to work out well I would have no problem adding someone to the mortgage when its due. I wont start a M/H park due to zoning but am open to ideas from everyone that is there. The property is in River Hebert NS. My email address is if you want to chat more.

  4. Anita

    Sue, I have been crazy about about the Tiny House concept, since they started up and hope to design my own. You mention lease, will any parcels be for sale. I want to have more of a connected feeling to the land, or are you making a tiny house/mobile park out of it. I was actually looking to do something along those same lines, so if you do consider having an investor come on board- I just may be interested. Send me some info, as I do know others who may just want to lease. I owned a traditional M/H park and have some great ideas for that sort of
    undertaking. Either way-where is it, etc., etc.
    Blessings, Anita

  5. sassysue

    The farm is just outside of River Hebert Nova Scotia Canada, if anyone is interested in chatting email me at

  6. Gail


    Where is the land located?

  7. parallexmike

    In what state is your beautiful windy 75 acres with no sewer or running water land?

  8. Ron

    Please email me at with more data on your location if you want.

  9. Ron

    Where are you located?

  10. ValPal

    Hey Sue, where are you located ?