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Myself, my other half, our son, and our dog are looking to go off grid. Right now, we are living and working near the city, trying to save money. We’re a young family, I will be 22 soon, my fiance is 23, and our son is almost 2. This summer, we spent 1 month at an “off-grid community” that just wasn’t what we were looking for. Our hopes were to grow food, build a house/ buildings for ourselves and others, and have a community oriented lifestyle. This was not the case here. After leaving there, we went to New Mexico to help exchange at a non-certified organic farm. It was a wonderful experience, much closer to what we wanted. Back in South Dakota, we hope to find partners to buy land with. Someone who has land already, and is willing to let us build, would work too. We are spiritual, but not religious. We like to have a good time, but dislike people who need to smoke or drink constantly. We are fed up with the system, and are ready to separate ourselves from it. Join us in our quest to become self-sufficient! 

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9 Responses to “Small family searching for off-grid opportunity”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    We have perfect growing weather, almost year-round season.

    We would love your help.

  2. Senorcoconut

    Not in south Dekota but we’re building now (closing on land purchase in the next couple months) an off grid communty 90 minutes outside NYC. This is a nice mix of people who want the full communal thing and be independent. And we are looking for more people to join in. Check it out: https://catalystecovillage.org

    its evolved quite a bit since the site was written, i wanna make a massive workshop (metal, wood, fabrication) for art. There’s 21 people dedicated right now, some from a Burning Man background, some from the farm world and some from the rat race.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  3. Stuart Hastie

    OLIVMARIE. I think I may have a solution to help you guys make the move off grid. Please get in contact with me at ‘stuarthastie@hotmail.co.uk’ so we can talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Pam Barcroft

    Have you considered GUATEMALA? Sovereign land ownership, raise your own crops, tilapia ponds, free water, tax advantages.

  5. Olliep

    My name is Page. I am a 24 year old male Marine.

    I have 80 acres in the mountains in New Mexico, Well drained, almost a mile above sea level, 30% wooded, relatively flat, beautiful, mild climate. Great growing season.
    I am renting out portions of my property.
    I am looking for someone to take care of my land. I do not have on site water but there is a guy with a well half a mile down the road that sells it pretty cheaply and rain is 15″ a year so with the right setup, you can get all you’ll need from collection.

    I have a full design and layout that I will be building requiring less than 8 acres. It has been 2 years in the making. So, if done efficiently, one could live off of less than 8 acres and leave the rest wild. That would be preferred however you may do with it as you see fit.

    What I am looking for: I need someone who will take care of the land. You may hunt, farm, raise livestock, build a cabin, whatever you’d like. With proper animal care, crop growing, and maintenance, I think that the land could see yields well beyond your needs. I can discuss all my plans with you at length or you can set up your own establishment, as long as you are taking care of the land. As you are continuing to work on it towards the common plans we’ve discussed you can rent it cheaply. In approx 3.5 years when I arrive, I will be local to exchange help, knowledge, and resources etc. Rent will be 400$ per month for 10 acres which will include building rights. This allows you to use the land as you see fit, build on it, and cultivate the land to your purposes. As long as you are maintaining the land in the manner that Ive discussed, the land will be cheap for you to use however you see fit. Hunting, gardening, livestock, etc. You can build your own cabin or you can use my designs to set up your own self-reliant off-grid system as I am doing. I would be more than happy to explain my plans in detail for free.

    If you are interested, send me your name, experience, and what you are interested in doing with the land and we can discuss it further. Looking forward to hearing from you. p.ollice@yahoo.com

  6. Andrew & Suzanne Clark

    Hello, we are a family of 7 with 5.36 wooded acres. We are looking for like-minded people to help us build on and homestead the land. There are no building restrictions. Please email us at aclarktech@gmail.com for more details. Thanks!

  7. Andrew & Suzanne Clark

    Hello, we are a family of 7 who have 5.36 wooded acres. We are looking for like-minded people to help us build on the land. There are no building restrictions. Please email at aclarktech@gmail.com for more details. Thanks!

  8. Andrew & Suzanne Clark

    Hello, we are a family of 7 who have 5.36 wooded acres looking for like-minded people to help build on our land. There are no building restrictions. Please email at aclarktech@gmail.com for more details. Thanks!

  9. kevinorin

    I am actively working on creating a 2-3 year plan to join or start a permaculture community in or outside the US. Looking for 10 individuals of various backgrounds and skill-sets to come aboard. Email me if interested kevino.williams@gmail.com