My fiance and I recently purchased a small piece of land in the Ozarks. We will be moving to the property June of this year. This is our first time owning land and starting our own off-grid haven, but we have lived off-grid with others before. We are starting absolutely from scratch. We don’t have much yet, just time, vision, and ambition. We are looking for 1 or 2 people (couples preferred, kids okay, pets okay if they get along with our son and dog) who share our passion. A bit about us: we are a young couple, our son is just two. We will (hopefully) produce most of the foods we eat, and buy what we can’t grow in bulk. We can not accommodate meat or cheese eaters. We want to create a sacred space for growth, learning, loving, living, spiritual and physical practice, cultural exploration, and peaceful meditation. We are on the path to becoming beacons of light in this world of darkness and confusion. (And we still have a long, long way to go!) Basically, we’re imperfect people working to become the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be.

It will be LOTS and LOTS of hard work. I’m serious when I say we’re starting from scratch. If you are willing to really, truly rough it, and work hard for the best possible future, we want to talk to you. This summer we will be creating shelter, planting gardens, starting a food forest, building a rain catchment system, building an outdoor kitchen, and much, much more. Experience in creating off-grid spaces is preferred, but not required. Help us turn our dream (and yours!) into reality!


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9 Responses to “Small Family in the Very Beginning Stages of Going Off-Grid”

  1. sbey

    Greetings, small family of 4 children, 2 adults, seeking community to link up with for survival and preparedness.

  2. Jerry

    where about’s in the ozark…I’d like to know the general area..see you got some good replies…be wise about who you have on your land…I’m older than you w/alot of life’s experience. stay in touch

  3. J. Bever

    Ok everyone. My husband and I did all this when newly married in middle age and no money. Luckily he’s able to do ist everything. Growing up on an old dairy farm when nothing. We bought our land on contract. Got our barn up. Animals were safe. Moved a camper here and then just started on our journey. I write homesteading articles. See countryside may/June 2015. U tube under highland hills farm. Cornell small farms program sponsored us a few years ago. If we can do this anyone with some ambition and common sense can do it. We now have a log sided house with attached barn. Sugar shack with 430 taps and vacuum pipeline henhouse garden shed fenced pasture and hay field and 2 farm ponds. It’s private and beautiful and wildlife right outside the door. We have solar and wind and did it all ourselves. Lots of others here are living the same way.

  4. Jessica and allen

    My name is Jessica from north Carolina, I will be 27 in July of this year. My husband to be, allen, is 32, we may not have much to offer in material resources, but that doesnt mean we have nothing to offer. He is a licensed plumber, and can do anything related. He’s done stone work for housing as well. A amazing cook. Hard working and very smart, great problem solver. Im more of a general idea type person, i like reading and studing up on the multiple ways to handle things and ideas, to bring up the alternative ways to others. This way, everyone can make the educated well rounded decision. Im easy going, spiritual, I love animals and communication mostly. We don’t do the complaining thing, as we know if you are “walking in the rain” you can sing n smile or cry and drag ur feet, either way your still walking in the rain. We actually have lived alone in a tent for a short period of time in between life stages and haven’t been the same sense! We felt so much closer to each other, our world, god and our purpose away from the nonsense hustle and bustle of “normal” society…. We want it back. We currently live in sc, a 3bed room 2bath, and its nice and all.. But… We want something more… And it would be an amazing feeling to be apart of something so unique and hands on….contact me please,

  5. olivmarie

    Thank you all for the replies. I would love to discuss further with all of you. Please email me at If you have any type of social media profile I can look at please include this in your email. Look forward to speaking with you all, thanks :)

  6. Alicia

    Hi there. I’m a 25 year old mother of two girls, ages 4 & 3. And I have been thinking of going off the grid for some time now, and just recently began researching and ran into this. I currently live in Northeastern Missouri. I was thinking of visiting the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. I think right now my biggest scare is my children. Just because this isn’t “is what is common.” I’m a hard worker, very smart and genuinely kind. I’d love to hear back from you and to chit chat. Thanks

  7. olivmarie

    Do you have a profile we can look at? Also, we are pretty serious about matching up with the right people before they come to our land rather than after. We are going to make a short Q&A for people who wish to stay with us. Would you be willing to answer some questions?
    If so, please email me at
    Anyone else who is interested can email me as well.

  8. BobbyKorona

    From Bob 5/19/15 Korona Florida
    Good for you…. my farm has been off grid for 5 years now….. my interest is in….. wind systems ….. solar panels ….solar stills …solar ovens … storage batteries … wood gas for generators or other small gas engines … organic gardening … Algae culture …
    building pallet structures , gray or black water systems , bio-gas , would be glad the connect with you…..take care….. :)

  9. Andrei sauer

    Hey I’m 22 years old and looming to go off grid. I’m a hard worker as I do manual labor currently. It would only be me. Skills I have is manual Labor and cooking. I’m a quick learner as well.