We have made some progress in the last few years at being more sustainable, growing our own food and now were ready to build our solar panels.

We have over 20 acres, will be paying of the landlord this year so it will be ours with no payments. We are planting gardens, building a greenhouse, adding 2 more rocket stoves, so much going on. Were only 4 people right now, were doing this slowly and trying to get it right lol. We have 2 rooms available in the main house with or without furniture. No violence, smoking, drink if you like but no fighting or getting stupid. No hunting on our land, we trade for meat for the meat eaters. Call 620 314 7134. Ceritified Permaculture Designer planning for 5 small homes on the land, wilderness preserve, food forests, aquaculture and so much more. If you are looking for a home with a family you choose based on mutual respect, understanding and ready to work today for a better tomorrow give us a call we might be  a good fit. 620 314 7134 or 620 314 0350

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