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After graduating from college, Dave Herrle got a desk job. He hated every minute of it. But in 2007, while hiking along the Appalachian Trail, Dave got a whole new perspective on the benefits of living a simple life. There in the woods, he promised himself that he wouldn’t spend anymore of his life doing a job that he didn’t enjoy. He also decided to build the home of his dreams.

This is Dave Herrle’s home. He built it for under $4,000.


 Dave built the 11x 14 foot house by hand without the use of electricity in just 6 weeks.


A cozy kitchen and living area are downstairs.


The loft bedroom with built-in shelving is above the kitchen, reachable from the ladder. 


French windows allow sunlight to brighten the home.


He made great use of a Mexican terra cotta sink.


Dave was careful to position the house with a perfect view of the forest.


He made it the best place in the world and called it home. 


And it’s where he popped the question to his girlfriend. 


And she said yes!


Now Dave enjoys his job building tiny houses and other projects for his clients. You can see more of his work at Herrle Custom Carpentry.

Credit: treehugger

source http://www.lifebuzz.com/dream-cabin/

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  1. daniell

    HELLO, why isnt anyone asking about the land?

  2. rebeccalam

    The house is so lovely and the idea is great. I am so happy for you that you can live your dream life with your beloved one.

  3. Gretchen Butler

    Thank you for delightful story and photos.
    Wrethaoffgrid, would you be interested in reviewing my book about living off grid? See my website or email for more info.


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