hello, I am 39 ,a veteran and simply looking to get away from the damaged society we live in I have extensive background in construction, I have a vehicle, I have motivation skills and drive I am very kind good natured and looking to be a asset willing to provide $$ and I want to live a self sufficient lifestyle. I feel so out of place I know I don’t belong locked into this technological evil world that us destroying the correct way of life 774-922-4039 pls text me

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One Response to “Skilled ex military looking to help”

  1. countryoutlaw

    Im looking for a couple people to help me. I Live on the east coast in Maine and Have everything on this land. LOTS of wild Game, Water sources, Great SOIL and Best TREES! You can email me at fbwarrent@yahoo.com I check it many times a day. I bought land to originally try this in Golconda,NV but a Maine Guy should not try anything in the desert. Was told water was over 150 feet deep here its 10-25 feet. Let me know