Hello Everyone, 30 y/o 5ft 5″ tall Polish guy living currently in the UK. Looking for living in the wilderness ultimately but for now seeking: 1) the (christian) community or people living off grid which i can help with their everyday life in exchange for food and some room to live, so i could learn how the off grid life looks like in real; gain the skills and stuff and 2) my soulmate-to-be to join me in this specifically difficult dream called ‘Wilderness Life’ ;)
I don’t possess many skills needed in such type of living but i am more than willing to learn.
As a kid i used to chop the wood, take care of some livestock, do some gardening jobs.
I am honest, reliable and able to work hard though i am not well built ;) I think sense of humor is an essential skill especially when you run out of everything ;)
The lowest temperature i experienced few times was like -27C (which is around -16F, i guess?).
I love fishing and skiing and everything which is connected to wild nature. I would love to learn hunting and literally everything needed to settle my own off grid homestead in the future (e.g. from wood and food proccessing to gardening).
Ideally i would like to move to Alaska or other beautiful, forrested parts of north-west U.S.. Canada is also considered but as far as i know, Candians have less freedom than Americans (guns, postal addresses etc.).
To sum up, anyone looking for help in their off grid life is more than welcome to contact me :)

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