[before_listing id=346 images= youtube=null] Hi everyone. my name is nicole and my sons name is parker. two years ago my son was diagnosed with emotional type aspergers adhd and others we are currently all natural (diet) but the city life is just to hard on him. we both love art reading the outdoors parker just crossed over into boyscouts.. we are willing to move anywhere that is viable for gardens. we live on a ssi income. so i dont get to save much. i know woodworking(thnx dad) love animals gardening cooking veg..etc my goal is to find a loving group of people ewhere my son can be free and i can put my homaker skills to good use.. there is much more to my family but since i am looking to join a homestead ill let you all ask me some have a great day nic[landbuddy_listing id=346 youtube=null]

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