[before_listing id=346 images= youtube=null] Hi everyone. my name is nicole and my sons name is parker. two years ago my son was diagnosed with emotional type aspergers adhd and others we are currently all natural (diet) but the city life is just to hard on him. we both love art reading the outdoors parker just crossed over into boyscouts.. we are willing to move anywhere that is viable for gardens. we live on a ssi income. so i dont get to save much. i know woodworking(thnx dad) love animals gardening cooking veg..etc my goal is to find a loving group of people ewhere my son can be free and i can put my homaker skills to good use.. there is much more to my family but since i am looking to join a homestead ill let you all ask me some have a great day nic[landbuddy_listing id=346 youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “single mom w/ wonderfull son afflicted w/aspergers looking to join an off grid family or start new w/family or individuals”

  1. bamboofam

    Hello Nicole, We are starting a bamboo farm/village in the northwest. My wife is montessori school trained and homeschooling our 5 and 3 year old and she knows the needs of all children. Please email us as we would love to invite you unless you have found something already.

  2. offgridaloha

    too all of you….move to hawai’i! we have good weather, growing frsh food, barter sytem…and we ignore your govt.

  3. Gwendolyn

    Hi Nicole; I also have high functioning Asperger’s and I live in a community in the country, which is awesome and really relives my anxiety. I suggest you look at ic.org. It’s a list of intentional communities, many of them in the countryside and many of them are looking for new members.

  4. Ken


    I live at a lake but need more room, so have purchased 160acres of marginal bushland and plan to build a wind/ solar powered home, grow my food and live a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically, increase my awareness.
    I do not know that we can help the other with their needs but feel free to email if you would like to share information…opt_7@hotmail.com.


  5. Beth

    Oh and you can email me at bwhightmorales at yahoo dot com

  6. Beth

    Hi Nicole. I am looking to do the same thing you are; my son is high-functioning autism (I probably am a little, too) and I am sick of the constant noise in the city. I am planning on moving at the end of the summer if at all possible – to a county with no building codes. I would love to have someone come start out with me. What area are you looking to go to? I am planning on a part-time job and homeschooling. Also, political opinions are important; I’m conservative/libertarian, and I have guns, and my son will target practice and knows how to shoot already. I will be leaving them loaded by the back door just like my parents did in case of bears/coyote etc. (The guns are a big issue for some.) I turn 33 next month. If it sounds interesting, let me know. If not, I would love to be a source of support and have one in return, it’s very difficult to find people who understand what we go through. Thanks!

  7. Don&Jan

    HI, Nicole. we saw your ad, we are seeking a nice female to come and live and work here on our farm,we had a girl live here with us for almost 5 years,we now have an opening.we are pretty self sufficent,and getting better all the time. if you are serious about getting out of the city, let us know we will talk more. we have an ad here looking for people. we ,live ,work,and enjoy the country life together,one big family. send us a mail,or call we will talk. thanks Don&Jan

  8. gogreen

    thanks guys i have been planning out what we will need financially not too bad about 6000 have our 2 bed cabin plans already… plan on usinrg recycled materials to build with, @ellen it is so hard for children on the spectrum in the city so much man made stimulation. @josh you sound like you have a lot of good skills for successfully living on a homestead do you have plans to go off grid or just fantasies. i just turned 30 last month and it just kinda got to be to much..im hoping by next summer we begin building…thank you again for reaching out to my family it really warms my heart


  9. Ellen Marie

    Hi Nicole,
    I have a grandson with aspergers. I am hoping you will be able to follow your dream. I live in Ohio and have similar interests. I’m not sure if I can be of help or not, but great minds think alike :) …so if you would like to communicate via e-mail, I would be happy to become your ‘pen-pal’. -Ellen

  10. Josh

    Im a 30 year old artist looking to begin a life off grid. Ive grown tired of life in the city and want to get back to my roots. I grew up on a pig farm far from anywhere in Texas. I grew up working everyday on the farm and providing for our every need. We gardened for our vegies and raised all our own meat. I learned to hunt by the time I was 5 years old and my father actually owned and operated a firewood business and a fishing guide survice. I left home at 15 to become a professional bull rider, that didnt quite turn out. :) Then I tried my hand as a simiprofessional kick boxer, once again didnt quite work out. Finaly i went to art school and became a professional artist. yeah I know, wacky mix of iterests. Anyway, I’ll be thirty this summer and I have completely grown tired of life in the fast lane. I truly am so very upset with not only the shallow lives people live today but also Im entirely pained by the fact that everyone seems to have lost their connection with each other. In this age of comunication we have lost the practice of true comunication. We have forgotten how to love others. We have forgotten the true meaning of family. i want to get back to the life I knew as child. I want to start a family and raise my children in a simpler way full of love and true devotion. I want to wake up every morning to a woman I love and devote my entire life to. I want to sit down at a table each and every night with my wife and children after a beautiful day of productive work. i want to truly provide for my family, the way I was raised to do so.
    Iv come to realist that finding a woman in todays world who has the same ideals as myself is a very hard task indede. So, having said that, Id love to hear from others who feel as I do. Please feel free to email me any time.