[before_listing images= youtube=null] hi I am Steve from London, looking for help and support with going money-less and off grid

Please contact me so we can start up something in the local community[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Single man looking for off grid community”

  1. Joshua Okert

    I’m 31 years old, single, and in great shape. I’m a hard worker I’ve done construction work off and on all my life. I’m a roofer by trade. I’m looking for somebody who lives off the grid and wold welcome me. I’m looking to get as far away from the city as possible to escape. Please contact me by email or better yet by facebook if your looking for a permanent helping hand. I’m a really nice guy I just hate the city and i need someones help me.

  2. Michiel Moland

    40 year Army Vet, about 40 aces of land like to start a community North California

  3. stevew07

    Hi Sarah,

    Are you still looking for people to join you? where are you living?

  4. stevew07

    Hi Steve

    I’m looking for some information and advice on how to live off grid. Steve i live in the UK, happy to chat?

  5. manix

    looking to escape this madness called government and the NWO … possibly alone GF and daughter will not come with ….. can sell everything i have to get money to help ….. living in lincoln area … please contact me …

    • WrethaOffGrid

      Gotta say manix, I’m not impressed, you would be willing to walk out on your GF and daughter??? And you would sell everything, presumably taking things from them as well??? Really? Is this YOUR daughter? If so, how shameful of you to want to walk out on them, you need to figure out a way to live your dream AND take care of them, it’s called compromise, it’s also called being responsible. If she isn’t YOUR daughter, how long have you been part of her life? I am very saddened by this.

  6. jim

    hello,a couple in hampshire is looking to participate an off grid community

  7. bathsheba

    hi.W here are you based steve and is it only london you are interested in or the UK?

  8. Sarah

    Steve do you want to stay in your country or come here. I am interested in speaking with you.

  9. Gregf

    Going off grid, serious wilderness off grid. Fishing Hunting, Trapping, Gathering .. Remote wilderness.. Plan on panning for gold while im at it.. Anyone adventurous out there? gregf72@outlook.com ~ My Blog is offgridwilderness.blogspot.com if you want to learn more about me.

  10. K byrd smith

    My email kbyrd0176@hotmail.com ….venturing out can always use alittle help

  11. K byrd smith

    Good luck to you..I have just started my search too. Lived off grib, farming in KY.