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This is the first in a series about going off-grid in the city center,not in the literal sense of cutting off the mains power and water, but focusing in on what matters: by Jaana Nykanen

Jaana Nykenen
Jaana: unplug and relax

Its not easy to live simply in a complex society. Or is it?

Ever since I was a little child, I have spent a lot of time outdoors. Growing up in Sweden, long, bright summers would be spent in a house without running water or sewer. My father took me for walks in the forest, teaching me how to find my way, and occasionally we would even find discarded tools and other treasures which we took home.

As my enthusiasm for being in nature grew, I read all the survival guides I could, learning about edible plants and how to bake bread in a homemade, underground oven. It was an amazing place which I hope to describe in another article. I was fascinated by the mission to be able to sustain oneself and live off what nature offers. Quite naturally, a dream of living self-sufficiently started to sprout.


However, many years later, I find myself a computer student, living in the centre of Europe

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