[before_listing id=309 images= youtube=null] My girlfriend and I live fully off the grid. We have solar panels that we made from scratch. We also have a water catchment system. Our house was built from used craigslist materials, most of which we got for free. We are at the base of our mountain the streaches 5200 ft above sea level. We plan on opening a bed and breakfast/ adventure retreat sometime in the future. My girlfriend keeps a blog of our adventures. https://theshady80.blogspot.com/[landbuddy_listing id=309 youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Shady 80”

  1. shady80

    where do you live, warloc??? do they not have crime there???


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    With as close as you are to the border how long do you think you can stay alive with the Cartels moving into your area? You are smack dab in the middle of their new routes and to say the least in grave danger unless you support them.

  4. Richard

    What you are doing reminds me a lot of the back to land movement back in the 1970’s. Scott Nearing, Living the good life, free love I remember it well. Good luck in your venture. Many people back then had unrealistic ideas and ended up going back to the city from which they came. A lot of them stayed. Became integrated into the community and change from folks from away to just plan folks who integrated into the fabric of the area becoming contractors, pastors, bookkeepers etc.
    People can do most anything they put their mind to no mater how hard it is. Many give up because it is faster or easier to do things another way. What is important is to have fun, live life simply enjoy your Family, work and friends. Be content and remember you never will fail until you give up.

  5. ElviraMoon

    I suppose I should say “Howdy, Neighbor”. I recognized the terrain in the blog photos. We are in the same general area (near Hen Egg Mnt.); heck, maybe even met on the Front Porch already. We are on the same ‘journey’. Hope to connect some time soon.

  6. PDM

    Do you have email?

  7. Hanaan

    Checked out your blog and would like to know more about what you guys have planned for your off grid site! I am looking to strike off the grid this coming year. You can contact me at hanaan.fu at gmail dot com.

  8. gaige clark

    I want to come visit and support you!

    Keep on rollin’