[before_listing id=201 images= youtube=null] I’m looking for anyone who could help out with any of the following:
If you are selling, or know someone who wants to sell a basically habitable house with at least one acre of reasonable land, within walking distance of a village, but in a quiet position off or away from the road, a place with water, reasonable soil and lots of useful trees, eg chestnut, hazel, almond, fig, cherry, apple.
Any help negotiating the legal and local processes from those who have been through it before.
Any help with any renovation needed, or with finding the right people for the job, or with helping me to find the right people for the job.
Any help with setting up off-grid and garden projects from someone who’s done it all before.
Possibly someone who could help with driving as I haven’t learned yet (hope to while there so help with negotiating learning to drive out there would also be useful.
Anyone who could give lots of help would be welcome to put a caravan or yurt onto my land there while helping out, maybe longer-term if we both liked the idea:)
B[landbuddy_listing id=201 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “Setting up in Central Portugal. Anyone able to help me re-locate?”

  1. Dunphy

    I see this is an old post but how did you get on in the end? Did you find what you were looking for?

    If your interested in sharing ideas with someone from the South East send an e-mail, dunphy.td@gmail.com

  2. simon

    Hi if you still looking please email me, I may have some thing for you .

  3. Liz Johnsen

    Have a look at pureportugal on facebook and the quinta Abelhas, if you want to add me on facebook I can send you friend suggestion for people alreafy in Portugal who are living off grid. There is also a couple starting an eco community and have a website, search Vale dos lobas, I’m going out in May to take a look myself :)

  4. ECO

    Hi, I know where you can find this. If you can place your email address I will email some relevant links to you.

    I can also help you with getting you off grid if I can trade my knowledge for a place to stay with my caravan and food and drinks.

  5. bricran

    PS Looking at a house for under 60,000 euro if possible