[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c24b4bad8cfe6f84476ef99bc7b3c57e.jpg youtube=null] Willing to share land to the right people , hard workers and friendly , It will not be easy for you , Florida this time of year is hot and dry , will work it as an Agriculture lease , on your 200 X 200 ft plot approximately 100 X 100 will be a garden of your choosing….there is no power….will help you set a 2″ well at 50ft for water…you will need a compost toilet among other things

Now the BAD news this is Flagler County ….off grid is a 4letter word…they just don’t get it…it will take a bit of researcher to keep code off your back…..my property is a certified Aquaculture Site link that to Agritourism and Florida’s “Right to Farm Act” …might have a chance

The bottom line…first contact me at… 32175w@gmail.com ….tell me who you are and your off grid dream…. 3 or more 1 acre plots available for your inspection Now …..Bob[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/c24b4bad8cfe6f84476ef99bc7b3c57e.jpg youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Could you live on 1acre? For serious off gridders 15m N Daytona Beach”

  1. BobbyKorona

    February 08, 2016….. keep logging into this site, hopping to find like minded people that want to go off grid for real….. not talk about it …. all the research is not going to prepare you for the reality of taking the first step….. in one week could set up a tent, stock it with food, a box of candles or a kerosene lamp, 20 gallons of water, build a compost toilet ……. then decide if you really want the go off grid and be free, or go back home to the rat race, with “the man’s boot on your neck”…… email me …. bob32175@aol.com ….. have some raw vacant land in central Florida waiting for your
    visit …… take care and stay warm…. Bob …. :)

  2. Rogann

    I sent you a couple emails. thanks again

  3. Rogann

    I’m interested. email me, thanks

  4. BobbyKorona

    4-26-2015 … up date ….. from Bob
    Where are you ?? …. there has been “no” activity in Florida for the last year on LandBuddy , same 6 pins ….. If YOU really want to go off grid the time is now … be independent on your own land , with no property tax and 100% self sufficient . Because in the USA our country is run by the top .2% and big business lobbyist , you may not survive the next depression …. your thoughts ???

    Bob 32175w@gmail.com …… raising happy natural fish in Korona Florida ….. :)


  5. BobbyKorona

    Hello Erick from…Titusville Fl
    Sorry about the none reply…. still trying to navigate this site….everything is moving on schedule , the fish are happy….but a little slow because of the cold weather…this months project , going for my homestead exemption , 3 major new legal language……the “reside on” was removed from the statute …. a Code change removed the 120 sq ft to 70 sq ft requirement for a habitable room good for me my total area under roof is 88 sq ft….. and last under Florida Law I can deny the property appraiser access to my property , have to see how that works out….. let me know what you are doing……take care……Bob…… 2/7/2015 …. 32175w@gmail.com

  6. erick

    I did reply to you deal here but i never got a reply,, liked it because i just live 1 hr away in Titusville Fl. its a shame nobody wanted to do this ,, sp much talk so little action just wow

  7. BobbyKorona

    Hi to All……11/7/2014
    Free offer for land closed …still contact me if you have questions about off grid opportunities in the Daytona Beach , St Augustine area…Bob

  8. BobbyKorona

    Offer removed for free land 10-31-2014
    by owner
    Reason ZERO interest…..All talk and more talk about going off grid but ZERO commitment…….what you missed…..land in East central Florida 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean…4 miles to canoe trails , best fishing in the US , excellent weather 20 degrees cooler than inland in the summer and warmer in the winter , grow almost any crops year round , low frost days , good sun , average rainfall of 49.62 inches over the last 30 years, which is 27% more than the average nationwide , very secluded surrounded by vacant timberland , on site available water 3,300,000 gallons , mature yellow pines timber , mature Cyprus trees , second 3/4 acre pond in rear of property , low average wind speed 8.6 mph , property is 100% exempt from any local regulations or site visits ……… reality it will cost you now to lease any property…….have been working with 2 members this dose not effect them….still hopping to find the right person willing to help me in the fish hatchery and organic garden for trade……NO drugs or alcohol …… gay friendly… contact me


    ..take care….. :) …. bob


  9. BobbyKorona

    ..up date 9/15/2014
    Re- land to share….could you survive on one acre of land ? and then I asked for your Dreams about living off grid…my mistake dreams was a wrong choice of words ……it will take sweat and hard work to exist on this land…… for my job is very easy….I will show you 4 wood stakes “200 feet on corners ” and a location for a road back to “your property”…..done .

    Water …..have the pond currently growing my fish in , every times it rains 1 inch recover more then 28,000 gallons of water . Your option might be ,1. set a well , 2.solar still to purifier the water “have all the glass you will need for that”. 3. build your own collection system….done

    Shelter….remember its you that needs a roof over your head , when it rains , when the sun at noon is 98 degrees , when the mosquitoes need a lunch , for security from the local , deer , wild boars or hogs , snakes , fire ants , poachers , ….this is Florida and we haven’t had any hurricanes in a long time 14″ to 24″ rains in three days…. winds over 100 mph for 2 days if you wanted to construct a safe room …might think about it……have plenty of pallets and wood…

    Food….Grow your own?? 65days later…till then …do you have the resources to set up refrigerator or freezer … off propane or solar charged battery …..closest Publix supermarket is 4 miles away …by the way the worlds most famous beach is 10 miles away…plenty of fish and the Halifax river is 4 1/2 miles away fish and Blue crabs…the Indians lived on this same land up until 1835 with no McDonald’s or WalMart

    make you list now…set up a solar panel and battery and small refrigerator….research solar stills…build a micro garden….plan a one month diet ….buy the food $250 and see how long you can stick to it…..
    then e-mail me …… 32175w@GMAIL.COM…..GOOD LUCK …Bob.. :)

  10. wavy1953

    Hi Janet, Not everyone is a farmer. there are many other skills just as important. I also am in St Petersburg, FL. with SSI as my income. I live in an RV. but I move around on and off the grid. On the edge of civilization. Lets have coffee and talk. drop me a line at janetspence@spaceling.com
    look forward to chatting with you

  11. BobbyKorona

    Hello Janet…..from Bob…thanks you for the reply…. off grid will be a challenge for anybody , but no tools , low money , out of shape…..puts you at a slight disadvantage from the start …..to make a go of this you will need to hit the ground running needed is a shelter , water , food , maybe power…..a road to clear and root out 300feet or more …thick under brush to clear for your garden and home…a tent might work temporally….. you might make your own list with your own needs …… to survive the first year….good luck and keep in touch……

  12. Janet Spence

    I am interested but would not be ready to move until at least Feb. At present I live on a boat so have no tools to farm with. I have been stuck on the grid in St. Petersburg driving a taxi for the past 7+ yrs because my pension is too low to survive on. I am out of shape, so if I do this I will probably be slow getting going, improving as I work.

  13. BobbyKorona

    6-10-2014…..up date….from Bob
    Was surfing the Webb and hit “Shepherd´s Wagon” ……has anybody built one or stayed in one ….I am thinking this would be a start if its legal to occupy in Florida……your thoughts…keep in touch….. :)