I am planning to go off the grid within a year so I am definetly going to need help. I am planning on selling my home and buying 10-15 acres to build an earthship. Any advise or anyone that is interested in helping me please feel free to write me

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6 Responses to “Selling Up to go Offgrid”

  1. Susan

    Sounds like you have a great plan! Mine is the same one. First thought to build a hobbit style with either cob or dirt bags using recycled horse feed bags but came across a YT of Mike Reynolds and thought that idea was perfect! I do think I wound put in a well because of all the chem trails, though :-0 I, too, am looking for a community of like minded people, preferably in Canada. Currently I reside in Alaska and grew up on a large homestead outside Fairbanks, Alaska.I don’t want to live in the US as the powers that be scare the stuffing out of me. I want to live off grid but I also like people, and community. I have knowledge about foraging foods and medicinals for several different regions of the country. I would like to relocate to an area where there are few areas of volcanic or tsunami concerns. I was considering areas of B.C. or Yukon Territory. I write and am a creative person. Thanks for your ideas

  2. Deb Tokarz

    Wow – thanks for the comments guys. Now I am even more excited. I am in southeast Sask so the housing market is slow. I plan to buy land east of Saskatoon. Why there? Its a retirement plan. I am 58 and plan to do some organic gardening for extra income. The farmers market there and the surrounding area is really good. I have been researching for about 2 years. I found an engineer in Regina that will help me get the stamp of approval so to speak abd I have been in touch with U of S about partnering in some aspects. Well, its a way for their students to be onsite learning and it helps me with labour costs. The earth bag homes I have been watching pretty closely. After the main house is built its something I would look at for additions like a craft shop or shop for the veggies to sell from. My direct email is debbatok@gmail.com – also I am on pinterest as debtokarz. I have put together some great ideas. The water filter system I get but that will be a work in progress as well as the solar panels. Understanding the solar panels is crazy how much there is to learn. I am not sure if its best to have free standing because of the wind or to attach directly to the house. And Jodi thanks for the tip – I will google it. I have the tires in place from a company called Adams Auto Wreckers just on the outskirts of Saskatoon. So the plan is to sell my house and start building as soon as I can in the spring. It sounds like along ways off but in reality its not at all. Please feel free to write me with any ideas or tips, I need all the help I can get. I built an 8,000 sq ft warehouse with 20′ walls and finished that in March 2013 basically so I could learn some hands on and learn the building codes or some of them at least.

  3. jack

    hi i would be more than happy to help you get started, please email me and we can discuss what your plans are ucjh4240@gmail.com

  4. parallexmike

    If you would consider earth bag let’s talk
    parallexmike at G mail

  5. Jodi Wright

    You may be able to advertise it on freehousingproject.com

  6. PJ_and_AK


    I’m in the same boat as you. Only difference, I have a longer time until I need to worry about it. So, for the meantime, been researching every aspect a.k.a the Who, What, Where,When & Why.

    Like to keep in touch as to your progress, any questions… If I have possible answers / solutions, I’d love to know I helped.

    Take Care, Good Luck