[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi. I have land near Ladysmith, Wisconsin. I’m looking to share in building a small community of like minded individuals. Gardening, hunting and living with the land as much as possible. I do not live here full time as of yet. My plan is to move here full time within the next two years. Most of the 80 acres is wooded with trails and a large open area near the cabin for gardens. There is no electricity or running water. There is a creek nearby and I have been working on a well point. I have been reading up on composting and would like to build a facility for using that for fertilizer. Building some sort of shower house would be nice too. I’m in my 40’s still strong and capable with skills. I would like to hear from people with good character. I consider myself a Christian in principle although I get more out of yoga and meditation than any organized religion. Let me know some of your ideas about contributing to this kind of lifestyle how you would contribute to a self sustaining community living off the grid?[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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42 Responses to “self sustained community”

  1. KandSoffgrid

    we are a hard working couple that is looking for an opportunity to join an off grid community i have a very wide set of skills from construction maintenance repair farming cooking etc we both currently work on a farm and are not afraid of some good dirty hard work we are very serous about this and would like to join as soon as possible so please contact us with any offers or questions thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you 

  2. Charles

    HELLO! This is Charles… I love the wilderness, I love gardening,… My skills are wilderness survival experience, foraging, hiking, bowman, pianist, gardening, making fire from sticks and stones (bow method), artist (sculpture and painter) and I really just want to be in gods beautiful meadow and live off it… and make friends where I can. I am 22.89 times around the sun old. I have lived all over the world. Now I just want to be a functioning part of a beautiful community enveloped in nature. I hope to hear back soon. Good DAY!

  3. RococoRemarks

    hello, I’m looking for an off grid community to work on for a couple of months to get a better understanding of the lifestyle. if you still have any room please email me ucjh4240@gmail.com

  4. gmansolar

    I am in the Ladysmith area and I am extremely interested in the off grid lifestyle would like to chat and share ideas. email me at mjohnson4532@gmail.com

  5. Anita Riemer

    I am interested in your community. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and find that it is difficult to find like minded people in my area. Currently live in Illinois and everyone I know can’t live without electronics while I want to run as far away from them as possible. Would love to know more, please email me artworksalpaca@comcast.net

  6. Rebecca

    I would be interested in learning more. I would prefer to discuss this more privately though.

    Peace and Love,

  7. Thomas J

    Hello! My name is Tom and I am very interested in off grid living in a small community with my family of 4. I am from and live in central Minnesota(south end of Mille Lacs lake) Weather we fit what you are looking for or not I would love to talk to you about off grid living. If you could please e-mail me back at tommyjones885@yahoo.com I hope to hear from you!

  8. James Kuntz

    I am interested, if you contact me at Jkuntz992@gmail.com Id be more than happy to talk to you about any possibilities

  9. lisa

    or if you would like to just sell me an acre or two !i would be interested in that as well!

  10. lisa

    I am looking to go off-grid within the next 5 yrs- sooner if possible. If you are still doing this send me an email!
    any thing to get away from society!

  11. Bo

    After 8 years in the army and now losing my full time job it is time for me to reset and find who I am. The simple woodsman life and 18th century woodcrafts are what I like and what calms me. I am not afraid of work and am adaptable to difficult situation. I want to wake up refresh and early, stoke the fire and relish in the tasks of my day. Then go to bed tired with the satisfaction of a day well spent. My bags are packed by the door. all I need is an “ok see you soon”…email me if its possible to join you… bodreyheying@gmail.com

  12. BobbyKorona

    10/04/2014……Hi to all ….successfully raising Tilapia in East Central Florida for 2 years….natural pond…no added food …only Saltine crackers for a treat……in the same 1 acre pond have raft gardens that wick up the water….no need to water plants all season…. and no deer eating them …..contact me …. 32175w@gmail.com ……. Bob

  13. Robert Z

    I am very interested on ur off grid please email thanks

  14. Stephen Miller

    I am very interested, currently I’m going to school for electrical engineering and have a great many of skills to offer. email steven007x3@yahoo.com

  15. Dawn

    I’m also interested. My full time plan is still a few years out but I have been looking at property in the Wisconsin/Minnesota areas to begin my journey. Email me please dawnmcarr@gmail.com

  16. Steve

    Vary intrested please email skwoodwork@yahoo.com THX

  17. Richard

    And Mitch,
    I think the article that you may have read was based off of a place called Growing Power.
    Its in Milwaukee, WI. Ive been there and its pretty cool. Here is a link to THEIR webpage

  18. Richard

    Hello, my name is Rich. Im currently living in Madison and ready to move to the woods! I have tools, guns, chickens, and more. Please let me know if you are still looking for people. Also, if there is anybody else that is looking for the same and would be willing to move to somewhere remote please feel free to contact me.
    Good luck to everyone and there adventures!

  19. Christian Hershey

    Greetings Tadeo,
    We too have been looking to find a way to the simple life. We are indeed Christian with a devot commitment to the faith but we are not huge fans of modern church or its trappings. As a matter of fact we are not really big fans of the trappings of much of the modern American ideals. Still we have concerns about finding sincere people with a love of Christian values and community to share our lives with. We have what some consider a full house with 4 grown children who are out of the hose and 4 smaller children ranging from ages 0 to 5 months. We have experimented with some movement away from the modern conveniences but still have a long way to go. We have spent a great deal of time around some friends who live very simple and know what is involved and have committed ourselves to it. Still we are unsure as to how to get started and when the timing would be right. Any advice you could bring to bear on this would be great.

  20. Lisa

    Hello, My name is Lisa and I am very interest in off the grid living. I am a self-employed carpenter-remodeler living in the Milwaukee area, and so done with the city life. I travel up that way often, family lives near by. Hope to hear from ya. Lisa

  21. Brandon87

    My name is Brandon, I’m 26. I feel I’m a Cosmic child. I am a worker. If their is something that needs done please allow me to help. I will dedicate substantial amounts of time, helping others. I can weld, hunt and farm quite well. I am very down to earth and easy to get along with.
    Your idea sounds truly wonderful. Please email me, if you are interested in my services @ Mrunknownjr@gmail.com.
    Namaste friend, hope to hear from you.

  22. Greebus

    I would be and have been interested in off-grid living for quite some time. I live in Wisconsin and would like to meet you or at least talk to you. I am 43 and have many skills. I am very good at hunting and fishing although in a sustainable community, I think growing food and livestock would be the way to go. I am very handy with tools, chainsaws, axes, and other tools, many of which I own, needed for the woods and this lifestyle. I know how to garden and grow food. I know a decent amount about solar and renewable energies. I have read quite a bit about solar and helped setup our solar rig at camp up in the U.P. I have read a bunch about alternative building and permaculture. Have made my own mead, hard cider and beer. One of my hobbies is making artisan soap. I make fermented foods(mostly sauerkraut and kim chi but have made kefir). I would consider myself spiritual, not religious and not going to try and convince you or anyone else of anything. We all have our own paths. I am currently working full time as a Desktop Engineer for a bank, but I don’t have a lot of money set aside. I do have tools, know how, and work ethic. Shoot me an email. deaston22@yahoo.com

  23. gnolekim

    Hi my name is mike I’m ex military but not the bad kind. I’m a naturalist. Studied concervation for 2 years can build or fix anything. Fish hunt you name it I’ve done summers alone in the bush but gets hard in winter I’m easy going team player and would pack up and head out asap my life has not made me smile in a long time and I need it back. I can pull my weight and more. Contact me at mikesvanished@gmail.com look forward to speaking

  24. Tara

    Hello everyone, we are a family looking for land and or neighbors to start a off the grid life style. We are planning on selling our house in ND and hoping to find others like us to come together find some land, build a house and trade goods. We have experience in farming, livestock, hunting and building and gardening. And lots of other experience. Please email me back if your interested or have information. Thanks tararittel@gmail.com

  25. Mitch

    Hey there! I wish I could join your off-grid community but due to family obligations I currently cannot. On day perhaps if we could keep in touch. I wanted to post a suggestion though. I saw something that might work out great for you. the structure will be about 60′ long and 5′ wide for each structure. The bottom layer will basically be a giant 60’x5′ tub that you will with water and fish, easy fish like tilapia or trout. the next level would be like 1.5′ above that and would have a gravel fill at the bottom then topsoil. the next level would be like 3′ or 4′ above that again with gravel and topsoil. at one end of the tub you put in a small water pump and hook it up to solar power. it pumps water up to the top level (which is angled slightly down towards the opposite end. Water then runs through the gravel to the other end where there is a hole cut with a mesh screen to prevent the gravel from falling through. it drops down that hole to the second level which angle towards the opposite end allowing water to pass through that gravel and down another hole back into the tub. Plant your crops in the second and third level. This way you have a constant filtered water supply running down to your fish then sent back up to give good water supply to your crops . The article I read the place was I think on 3 acres of land and had a few of these and could make i think 6 million pounds of food year round. Oh and you build a green house around this and compost inside the greenhouse. This way, the heat given off through the composting keeps your greenhouse heated all year. Just thought it might be a helpful idea!

  26. Sarah

    I’m interested! Please email me.

  27. Eliza

    Hello, Tadeo. We have been researching for years the concept of a self-sustaining community – with out the hyper spiritual rigmarole that I have found. We believe that spirituality should be left up to the individual, as long as it does not infringe on another’s belief system. Just had to put that out there before I continue. :)

    That said, we are interested in what you had mentioned in your original post.

    My husband is now on a combat-related disability (so he has more than enough time to commit to a project in-the-works), and is an avid survivalist. He can build a home from the ground up, whether it be a log cabin, up-cycled materials, or a stick home. He knows how to install electricity and/or solar components if need be, and is more than well trained in the technical aspects of living off the land. He is also cpr/first-aid certified, and a medic. The man could survive in the wild with three matches and a loincloth if he had to (not kidding).

    We have raised our own livestock (food, eggs), honey bees, and are pro-active gardeners. I am a master-certified gardener, home school teacher, sewer, domestic chef, and care taker. :)

    If your project is still underway, feel free to contact us at the email address provided.

  28. tadeo

    Thank you for all the interest. I know many people like the idea of independence and self relient concept but it does require much commitment and work. Please do not inquire if you are not really interested.

  29. Lisa

    Very interested. Christian, female, mid forties with many interests and skills. Medically trained, love to garden. Very much home oriented. I would be interested in knowing more about your plans for off grid living.

  30. RossB

    Email me more info if you are still looking for people.

  31. ystad

    Hi. I have land in HAWAII, . I’m looking to share in building a small community of like minded individuals. Gardening, hunting and living with the land as much as possible. I do not live here full time as of yet. My plan is to move here full time within the next 9 months. Most of the land is jungle with trails . There is no electricity or running water. I have been reading up on composting and would like to build a facility for using that for fertilizer. Building some sort of shower house would be nice too. I’m in my 40′s still strong and capable with skills. I would like to hear from people with good character. I consider myself a Christian. Let me know some of your ideas about contributing to this kind of lifestyle how you would contribute to a self sustaining community living off the grid?

  32. Anthony Wallace

    Hello, I am chris and I am just here in my apt thinking about this life and how it would be to live off the grid. I would love to talk to you and see where you are going with this and would love to help and live with you in the land :D

  33. Travis

    Sounds like an amazing endeavor. Some specifics on what kind of help you need would be greatly appreciated! Email me at : thesmooshster@gmail.com

  34. Sarah

    Babym71199@hushmail.com interested in speaking with you

  35. heartland 2

    Could be interested but would definitely like to speak to you more please email me at muddiggerz365@gmail.com

    Look forward to hearing from you thank you

  36. K byrd smith

    Interested..new to the community idea but lived Ky woods forever. Learned many skills over the years. Anyone ever heard of community s living different seasons in different states?

  37. Eli

    How many individuals?
    I lived on 80 acres of relatively fertile woodland in Ohio, and I highly doubt the property could comfortably house more than a score of people on similar land, if complete independence is what you seek. The growing season up north feels very short when your life depends on its fruits. Don’t count on exclusively on game to make up the excess either – animals populations can vary drastically in merely a decade.
    It’s very wise to compost, as you said, and a well is almost a necessity.

    Possibly look out for individuals who are willing to invest in adjacent land (not me, I’m too poor) if you’re interested in a larger community; otherwise, you’ll just need to pick the skills and temperament of your 20 potential neighbors carefully.

    I’m very interested in doing the same, but I’ve got a bit more life to live, more skills to acquire, before I settle down to the honest work you’re talking about now.

    God bless.

  38. Connie

    Hi I am very interested in discussing the possibilities of your community. Please email me at: blessings4ewe@AOL.com
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  39. lisa fraggos

    Hi how are you? I am interested in learning more about helping to take care and grow the self sustainable community. I am a vegan and live as organically as possible. Working with my hands is something I love and getting off the grid is something that would be amazing.
    Please feel free to call me direct or email me at lfraggos@ gmail.com
    Look forward to and am really excited to hear back.

  40. Jessie

    im very interested EMAIL ME Jessie.bogart@yahoo.com