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[before_listing id=420 images= youtube=null] I am very open about any ideas so please email me if your interested, I am a 20 year old male. [landbuddy_listing id=420 youtube=null]

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14 Responses to “Self Sufficient Off the Grid, looking for 1 or more”

  1. jason

    Hello out there I have been looking for an off grid community, I have been finding healthier and better ways to live, without being hypnotized by some worldly ways. I can build, I can grow and I can contribute.
    ” lets all think for ourselves” and live a healthy meaningful life !

  2. Tarzan143

    Hey there, just south of London, ON myself. Would love to go off grid and am a very hard worker and good with survival, just don’t have much for money to get myself started. Would join up with you and your crew if interested.

  3. keith ament

    hey there would like to talk more c101_keith@hotmail.com

  4. dean

    hello i caught your post on off grid site its been a long life goal of mine to live off grid free of stress im a single male age 49 healthy hard working hunt and fish my whole life as for income i do building maintenance for a few of the larger rental companies in the city.I have a good cash of tools along with supplys for my off grid plan ive collected. Im good with solar systems pumps and wells. I also took every coarse work had to offer fire training.cpr first aid,fall arrest working with ropes and heights, i also have my licence for ham radio as well as a good lot of radio gear its been a hobby since my teens im certified to teach and have coached many on getting there licence. its not as easy of a life as most think 1 bad egg with a negative attitude can can spoil the other dozen you have to be strong minded with a strong will
    i did a dry run last year in a hunt camp on crown land 3 months gridless lantern for light wood for heat and only ate what i could forage or hunt i think anyone who wants or plans on living off grid should try even a month to get a real feel for whats involved i did have a food reserve for emergency but didnt touch it untill the last 2 weeks so i didnt have to portage it back out it can be done with a few comforts of home one can live stress free and quite comfortable.
    More than willing to pay my share and work hard where needed.
    all the best stay strong Dean va3hfa at gmail dot com

  5. Denise

    This way you discourage people who just want a free ride.

  6. Denise

    I like the idea of a community of traders where skills are traded in time rather then price. An hour of my time for an hour of your time.

  7. jr

    Just got an acre out side of town,not far from u. Not a lot but more than enough. I have hydro but working on solar/wind. I have own water supply Just moved here last summer and it’s a lot of work to do on ur own I am also looking for just a couple people. Mattice Ont. I would be interested in seeing how things go for ya. I’m a licensed carpenter so if u need help with any legal building questions just ask. Always willing to help the movement.

  8. Colleen

    If you’re still interested, e-mail me. – (19,female) (cm.duffy@ymail.com)

  9. Les

    I have 15 to put in looking for unorg in north ont I found nice land on private lake many others aswell.
    need more money and a few people with skills
    Pro carpenter with tools and truck will share.

  10. campbell33

    hey im looking to go off the grid somewhere in ontario looking for people to join with shoot me a msg ccampbell16@hotmail.com

  11. mikewilson

    haha pool resources… just woke up here. Still a little tired lol

  12. mikewilson

    I am in Ontario looking for the same thing. Shoot me an email if you would like to pull resources. mikewilson23@rocketmail.com

  13. Dani

    Maybe start off by getting yourself a solar oven?