Self-build geodesic domes course on Dec 10th to 12th at the Low-Impact Living Initiative, Redfield Community, Winslow, Bucks, UK.


Build your own low-impact dwelling / storage / tent / spare room / retreat / kids hideaway …
from cheap, sustainable, easily available materials with basic tools and no previous DIY skills.

Price: 230, for which you will receive all meals and accommodation, and leave with the frame of a 4m dome and a manual. The course is largely practical, with a discussion on the history and uses of geodesic domes.


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3 Responses to “Build your own dome”

  1. Adam H

    Yo Anita, you should check out the monolithic domes fromdown in Texas. They are the strongest and the warmest becasue of the shot-crete and sprayfoam sandwich that applies the thermal mass concept. Easy to heat and indestructable because I know you get a sh!tload of snow there, lol. Check ’em out on Google, monolithic domes. Very impressive…

  2. Anita Timmons

    I am looking for an economical way to build a dome home for my son and myself, that will be strong and warm in Minnesota. I only need one floor and a fireplace in the center. I would like to grow fruits and vegetables and live simply, off grid, if possible. I like the look of the smooth domes, but don’t know which type is strongest. I would actually like to build it without a contractor.

  3. Bruce


    How about a medium impact model?