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[before_listing id=255 images= youtube=null] Hello!
I am a 40 year old female currently seeking to soon move off-grid. Looking to buy a couple acres of land and build a natural house and start a small organic farm OR to find an already established community to move to and be able to grow produce for myself, to share and sell at markets. I’d like to get a dog and chickens for pets only.

The landscape and people are most important. I’m open to go almost anywhere including another country.

No hunters… I am mostly vegan. And I’d much prefer to be with other vegans or vegetarians.
No religious people… spiritual is okay. And must be gay friendly.

I am a very fun loving type of person with sence of humor, love the outdoors and am trustworthy and hard working. I am a professional with healing, space clearing and feng shui. I am holistic.

If you have any leads or insterests.. please contact me to discuss further.[landbuddy_listing id=255 youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “Seeking… :)”

  1. titus

    please email me i have further questions titus,risner@mygovs.com

  2. solar valley ranch

    hey there I still have 3 open lots in southern Colorado’s san luis valley

  3. M.A. Andrews

    Seeking open minded, one man woman, intelligent, enjoys travel, loves animals and write back if you wish to keep askin questions!

  4. M.A. Andrews

    SWM,49/blomd/blue,6’180lbs,no kids, never married, no baggage, intelligent,great sense of humor, no alcohol or drugs but 420 friendly,,,,Want to learn more???

  5. sprite333

    thanks for all the replies!
    i haven’t checked the email account i specificaly created since i last saw spongebobs reply to which gave me the feeling of fowlness.
    i just logged in.

    give me some time to consider. much appreciated. :)
    and thanks again and hope everyone see’s this.

  6. refuge2012

    We are looking for community members on our land (40+ acres, surrounded by miles of uninhabited land) in Catron County, NM. We meet all you requirements, except for being vegan, but we are not judgmental toward your veganism if you are not judgmental toward us eating meat! Contact us at refuge2012@yahoo.com or placeofrefuge2012.com.

  7. apod

    I own 35 acres of ranchland at the foot of a small mountain in Colorado. I live 200 miles from there, so I only get there a few times a year. I have started some trees with more on the way. I just poured cement footers for a small cabin I am pre-fabing. I also have water well drilling equipt. I am looking for some people to share in developing a self sufficient place to live and to be there when I;m not. Spectacular views and plenty of wildlife. I just don’t have the time and resources to do all this by myself. I would love to share this property with others until I sell it for a better place or make it nice enough for everyone to live on.

  8. larry and sandie

    hi my wife and i have just moved from fl. to wv and are working on our cabin that we purchased here in january this year. we have most of the stuff to provide power and live a somewhat comfortable life. the only problem is that we both have black thumbs and can’t seem to get much to grow. we are wanna be vegans and were in fl for about 6 mos. but up here it seems like their isn’t much around for fresh produce..we could use help with gardening and building cobb structures and general labor in exchange for a spot on our land for you to build.. you can help us and we will help you…if it sound like something you might be interested in email us at a50panhead@aol.com

  9. larry

    pls contact us we are looking for help on our land in wv. we have 28 ac. in the mountains and are rebuilding 80yr.old cabin… and sub terr. kitchen and root celler..totally off grid..i’m 52 wife 42.. call if you like. 304 659 2609

  10. Julie

    I am seeking people like you for the same purpose and have been looking into purchasing land in West Indies or Big Island Hawaii and Tazmania. I need to find people to partner up with as it would be too difficult to set up an eco friendly self sufficient sustainable mini farm. I am a 42 y/o female and very gay friendly. please contact me if you are interested in pooling resources to develop this type of lifestyle together. 319.202.7253 usa

  11. spongebob

    I am here in Germany , are you coming over here or I have to travel to you , but where in the US are you??
    Thank you

  12. eco

    If you would consider Europe, check my ad in the classifieds section about land in Bulgaria. It’s everything that you would not expect from Bulgaria: Foresty, green, rivers, peace and a lovely city in 40 minutes distance.

  13. Sprite333


    In america… I am pretty open. However seek more to Colorado area, California, Arizonia… perhaps north eastern states.
    It really depends on where I feel the connection and able to be happy and grow etc.

  14. Sprite333

    Great question Eco. Perhaps New Zealand or somewhere with a foresty place. Not England, however. I’d really have to look more into it and what is available. It’s just a strong consideration.

  15. ECO

    You didn’t tell where you are looking; a specific area of the US? Europe? Abroad?