(Posted 1/18/2020)  We are a married couple…I’m 44 and she is 41.  We currently help a gentleman out on his small homestead in Marshall, TX.  We get along great and he is glad to have us here.  We currently are raising goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits and we work an approximately 1½ acre garden, plus we do some assorted maintenance projects.  We do this in trade for a place to stay and gain experience in homesteading

The problem we have here is NOT the owner, but the other people he has working for him and his out-of-state “girlfriend.”  She has handpicked many of the people working for him on a cash basis, and these people feel threatened by us, and they go so far as to come up with false and baseless accusations in an effort to get rid of us.  Why?  Because the people who he pays barely do half the work that the people he doesn’t pay (us) get accomplished.  We often end up finishing projects that his paid people abandon.  They have gotten comfortable taking advantage of the man, and hate the fact that we do twice the work for no pay.  The owner loves having us here because we get along great and we get things done.  and trusts us with everything whlie he works at the hospital and takes his trips to another farm he has out of the country.  He doesn’t want us to leave, but the anger, animosity, and backstabbing from the others has become more than we can deal with.  We’re just here to do what’s asked of us, and we’re not out for anyone’s job.

What we are interested in is a family-type environment doing similar work on or off grid.  My kids are grown, and she has none of her own.   We are okay with on or off grid.  I know a little about welding and have some ability to fix gas-powered equipment.  I also have some building skills and love growing things.  I am also an herbalist.  She is the nurturer, as she loves working with the goats and the birds.  Animals that didn’t want anything to do with people when we came here now want attention and want to be petted and loved on.  She is also good with gardening, very craft-oriented and enjoys soapmaking.

We are not rich by any means…we survive on about $800/month at the moment. This is why we haven’t gone off on our own adventure.  We do have a few bills to pay but are nearly debt-free.  She receives SSI from a disability she received in a car wreck years ago.  Prior to coming here, I was doing home maintenance for my landlord, and prior to that I was a over-the-road truck driver.  I got out of that because of long months away from home, the expectation to run illegally, and because it was tearing up my back.   I also have several years in the volunteer fire department, and I use my medical skills to help with minor injuries and caring for the animals. With so long out of the truck and such a long time since working in other industries, job prospects are next to none, so what I do here on the farm is my work.

We’re not looking for pay, and we can support ourselves.  We just want to continue our dream of homesteading and work toward being off grid.

We don’t practice Christianity ourselves, but we have nothing against those who do and we would never push our beliefs on others.  We’re all different in our own ways.  We have a variety of friends with different beliefs and practices, and we love them all.  We also love nature and believe in not wasting what nature gives us.

We do smoke (outside), and we rarely drink.  We love to have fun when the work is done, but we’re not wild by any means…we grew up years ago!

If you’d like to know more, let us know!  We look forward to hearing from you!!  My email is truckingjobs@ gmail.com (without the space).

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2 Responses to “Seeking to help those who are homesteading and/or off grid”

  1. Lesa

    We are a couple in our early 50’s
    We have 25 acres in Missouri way out in the country, closet Walmart is 50 miles away, but we do have a small town 11 miles away.
    We have small farm with farm animals and raise a garden, decent size.
    We have two other gentlemen who also live here
    We are starting a small commune for better words or community.
    In the process of building more animals housing and fencing. We all work together to make this happen.. putting in what funds everyone has extra available to help.
    Ironically we own a small fleet of semis that we have drivers in ( my husband drives one for the moment )
    We have a main house that has electric and we have a well, depending on if your looking permanent people can go in together to have electric run further back on the property or they are welcome to live off grid
    We have a nice size pond we are stocking as well
    If you have your one place to live in ( camper, RV, Van etc that’s fine, we do not have housing to offer
    If this sounds like something you would like to talk with us further, your welcome to contact us

    • Drifterseekingacommunity

      Hey Lesa,

      I am a single, 25 year old, Marine Corps veteran and would absolutely love to talk to you about this as well. I have the ability to pack up and leave on a moments notice. Just me, a car, and supplies. If you are interested in speaking please email me. Thank you.


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