im dan im a white, fun, tall, smart,funny, adventure minded free soul who is ready to go off the grid, into freedom, our god given rights, 420 friendly, kinda of a modern day Hippy-wanna-be!! im in kingman az, have lotsa skills, know a million beautiful spots to share with you!! interested? adventurous? ready for a change? let me know… dan wood

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5 Responses to “seeking soul mate, best friend and off grid female partner”

  1. Jerri Lynn

    Sounds intriguing Dan ! We have much in common, it appears, and I would love to hear more…
    I’ve always dreamed of going deep into the Grand Canyon, to some of those rare secluded water spots, water rafting, and spending weeks there…but noone who shares my dream….yet!
    Perhaps we could discuss more specifically what you have to n mind….

  2. Lady

    oh I’m not sure if I should leave my email or you can somehow get it..but I’ll leave it just in case…

  3. Lady

    Hi Dan. I’m Tiffany. 21 y/o girl with a tree hugging spirit. I’ve living in med-small towns most of my life but I’ve always dreamed of living off-grid. Just living off the land, building our own house, raising our own food, exploring and adventuring are just in my blood. I have absolutely NO experience but we all have to start somewhere, right? I’m a tattooed, pierced, 420-loving person and I’m always curious and questioning the world.I plan on creating a 100% off-grid community, that will last through generations and maybe influence others to take up this earth-friendly and all around amazing lifestyle. I don’t know if I’m who you’re looking for, but I think I should give it a shot! ^-^ Anywho, contact me…or don’t.

  4. Betty Freels

    Would love to learn more. have been wanting to do something like this for years I’m good old country girl born and raised but stuck in city. Hope age isn’t a problem if it is would still like to follow your ad v adventure. Thanks Betty from KY

  5. Mellissa Barrera

    Hello Dan,
    My name is Mellissa…. I currently live in Germany, but has travelled frequently to the United States and to other parts of the world as well. I have a normal 8 hours/ day 5 days a week job and has been living most part of my life in the city due to my work. When I have free time or vacations I often spend them close to nature because that is where I am happy the most and feel most alive. I go mostly to very isolated places in the mountains of Provence and sometimes help out in a farm. Strangely it is at these times, when I feel most contented and alive

    Since the last two years, there is this bugging longing in me to get out of the system, meaning working and slaving most part of the day and most of your earnings go to the government in the form of the tax. I have a longing to go back into the basics and simplicity, a simple way of life…. uncluttered by the materialism, competitiveness and indifference of city life.

    I also believe in soulmates…. two souls working together as one, a symbiosis to help each other grow, and help each other in any way they can…. good friends and lovers rolled into one.

    I have been practicing yoga for years (Iyengar Style), but due to my irregular working schedules … I have neglected my practice which I am aching to continue. I am also very artistically inclined (sewing and embroidery), loves cooking (any kind , Chinese, thai, western kind , Italian but also vegetarian dishes and according to the Ayurveda philosophy of nourishing each type of doshas. I am also very good at concocting dishes which is made from any raw vegetable ingredient which is available at the moment. that is where the challenge lies : )… how to make a tasty meal from these ingredients.

    I am a very quite calm person ,, but with a lot of spirit, courage and humour. I prefer to read than watch television 8 I do not own one). I also enjoy gardening very much …. I love to see the plants Ihave planted bloom and give fruits.

    My strengths are, courage, a fighting spirit, optimism , fidelity, trustworthiness, sincerity and a good forgiving heart.

    If you wish to see my fotos and how I look…. ill send it to you via email.

    Looking forward to your reply….