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I am not so good at talking about this, but I will do my best to be concise as details must come in answer to question, as opposed to a simple post like this.
1.I want to get a small group of people, no more than 12 together to go off the grid.
2. I plan to purchase the land, so everyone should chip into this. We will then preserve it through various means to prevent it from being used for tree felling, water damning, or oil drilling. In Maine, I’ve found land upwards of 100 acres for as low as 25k.
3. I want to be as primal as possible in building. Meaning, I personally will not use electricity in my home, but you are free to. I wish to do this the old fashion way, so to speak. Hands and strength of your own to build everything.
4. I am intending to use a mix of wattle and daub, cob and cordwood for my house. Using Rocket Mass Heaters to keep warm.
5. A mix of a tree bog toilet and a primitive septic system for waste. (this requires details that I’d rather not get into here)
6. Food from mostly greenhouse growth warmed with RMH, solar sinks and/or compost piles. Trapping, hunting and potentially rabbit raising for alternate food sources. Fishing, as available.
7. I am currently in the military. Will be for at least 1 more year. I intend to start this process within 2-3 years, regardless of my being in or not. I will still purchase the land and begin prepping it if I stay in, or potentially sooner if I get out. minds are very important. I want this to be a peaceful living. It will be arduous, but I do not wish to bring in people who could cause trouble.

I would love any information, tips, or people interested to send me a message. You can reach me at my email—

See ya around!

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