I have a wife, 2 children, another on the way and I want to do my best for them. I look at my surroundings, and I don’t much care for what I see. I don’t know my neighbors (let alone trust them), if i get hurt nobody else is going to take care of them (sucks to be them seems to be the prevailing attitude). I see people begging for money on the side of the road, drug users are everywhere, the food my wife buys our children is crammed full of chemicals and hormones. We go fishing and there’s people sleeping in the woods with nowhere else to go. I believe we can do better, not only for me and mine, but for us and ours. I’ve seen the worst in people, and I’ve seen the best, I’m tired of seeing the worst and out of myself and those around me I hope to see the best.
So I’ve got an idea, its probably going to sound a little crazy, but it can work. I want to find a group of good, decent, hardworking people and I want to go in on a chunk of land with them. I’m going to go ahead and say that extremists (white supremacists, black militants, religious cultists, etc) need not respond. I’m looking for people that just want to live their lives and are willing to work together to achieve this ideal.
Then I want us to build our own totally off the grid, sustainable homes out there. They would be separate homes, everybody would have their own space to live their lives, but in times of need we would help each other and we would each need to act in a responsible manner to ensure the continued survival of each other.
We could do solar, wind and water for power, wells and rain water for water, gardens and livestock for food. I have construction experience, my wife knows about livestock. I will help build these homes, and she’ll help keep us fed. Maybe someone knows about gardening, maybe someone else knows something else. I’m looking for people with not only skills, work ethic, and the will to get it done, but strong morals and ethics as well.We as a species don’t rule this planet off numbers alone, we rule it because we pool knowledge and help each other.
I believe that we live in the greatest country on the face of the planet. I also believe that we have a rampant meth epidemic going on, I believe we have sex offenders in our neighborhoods that nobody knows about until its too late, drug houses are moving out to the suburbs, I believe that we don’t have to be anywhere near any of this. I want to give my family a better life with better people around them. Respond if you feel the same and we’ll talk sometime

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