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I am a 46-year old computer technician working for a school district in the Phoenix area. Divorced two years, children grown, I have had enough of the rat race. I grew up and lived in Florida for more than 20 years and would like to move back and reboot my life in an entirely different way.

Growing up in south Florida, I frequently visited the lake placid area, where a childhood friend of mine lives. Lake Placid is a classic, “Mayberry” kind of small town with lots of land that is undeveloped in the outskirts. This would be an ideal region of the state to begin a self-sufficient lifestyle.

I’d love to find a woman of similar interests and personality to begin this new life with. First and foremost, I’d love to be friends with this person. Soulmates, if you will.

I’m a Christian, with flexible beliefs. I love nature, camping, canoeing and multi-day backpacking adventures. I’m not afraid to stop on adventure, take it all off and go skinny-dipping in a cool stream with the one I love. I’ve always been a free spirit, but that spirit has been caged from 19 years of marriage. I want my spirit to fly again.

I’ve been studying the off-grid lifestyle for a few years now and would like to put what I’ve learned into practice. I’m pretty healthy, smart and resourceful, but I cannot do it alone. Do I have a kindred spirit out there who seeks the same life that I do?? Are there others out there like me, that might have the land or resources to combine efforts to build a new self-reliant community?[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/10036619c352de2b4bf66db6f3ec96df.jpg youtube=null]

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3 Responses to “Seeking Partner to Help Me Escape the Grid!!!”

  1. RealityCheck

    Hello, my husband and I are elders in the process of finding property near the Chiricahua’s (McNeal, Elfrida, Hereford) in Cochise county. We have good credit and have identified some properties perfect to get started on but we can’t do those alone. Sept we are jumping out there and moving the travel trailer near Douglas to look at property. I would be caring for my mother most likely, though that may change but we have to have a house with some land. Having other folks join us in the financing of and living on/in the property seems reasonable to us because we as a group could get more space with combined funds. It’s relatively cheap living at Twin Buttes RV Park while we look so we will be there if anyone cares to come and talk to us. You can also reach us at reedhertz@yahoo.com for updates and moving schedule.

  2. John Hopkinson

    I am so ready to live off the grid. You said you have lived off the grid 2 years now, where have you been able to do this? I am in Phoenix area but willing to travel and possibly join you.
    I have many supplies to be able to live outdoors right now for a long, long time. I am ready to do this, and maybe we could do this together. I would like to chat more with you to discuss things more.
    I am 48, very healthy, no children and nothing holding me back. I am a true gentleman with moral’s and values and not bad on the eye’s lol.
    I am very hard working and love to build things, and LOVE the outdoors. Please respond and lets get to know one another and see what happens.
    Warmest regards, John

  3. Kakimka

    I am female early 40 I already had live off the grid for 2 years and looking like you for a partner soulmate to do this together.I have no childern or bagage. I would like to talk so e mail me back and we take it from there.