Looking for men and women in Alberta or BC who are seeking for off gridders to join them in starting a colony. 

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4 Responses to “Seeking others who have or want to start an off grid colony”

  1. Mariab

    I’d like to offer a strong hand to bring up an off grid colony. With the right people it could be awesome. I have a lot to bring to the table and a lot to learn. I’m not experienced with living off grid but I am an avid camper & anything wilderness. I live to reduce reuse & recycle. I’m feeling a lot of pressure in the city & work so much I can’t get to enjoying my space or a chance to get into a project. I’m currently contracting in residential construction & experienced in all sorts of areas. Professional background & a supportive leader. A project like this could become my life’s biggest work , at least spiritually. I’m being called to the next level. Off the grid living colony sounds like the change I’m seeking & many others from what I can tell. I can’t wait to connect with like minded groups! So glad I found this :)

  2. Scuderiamat

    Hi I’m in southern Alberta, looking for others to join me. I’m just starting to build up a house and the other things I’ll need. Email me at matstraditional@gmail.com I you want to know more!

  3. countryoutlaw

    I could Use the Help Here in Noerthern Maine USA. 15 mins from Canadian Border

  4. Coyote Flats

    Hi there. I am looking for someone starting this fall. I’m off grid in Northwest Territories . We have guest cabin for helpers. We have greenhouse, gardens, chickens, rabbits, and we’re starting bees. We’re in the boreal forest if your interested email russachase@icloud.com