Looking for men and women in Alberta or BC who are seeking for off gridders to join them in starting a colony. 

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3 Responses to “Seeking others who have or want to start an off grid colony”

  1. Scuderiamat

    Hi I’m in southern Alberta, looking for others to join me. I’m just starting to build up a house and the other things I’ll need. Email me at matstraditional@gmail.com I you want to know more!

  2. countryoutlaw

    I could Use the Help Here in Noerthern Maine USA. 15 mins from Canadian Border

  3. Coyote Flats

    Hi there. I am looking for someone starting this fall. I’m off grid in Northwest Territories . We have guest cabin for helpers. We have greenhouse, gardens, chickens, rabbits, and we’re starting bees. We’re in the boreal forest if your interested email russachase@icloud.com


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